Flash vs. HTML 5 – Will The New App End It?

You must have heard about the so very igniting debate on Flash and HTML5.Obviously!!We have been hearing about it from the time when apple banned Adobe Flash from the iPad. The statement-“Flash is no longer necessary, thanks to HTML 5!” given by Steve Jobs made the debate even more crucial.

I am sure; you too must be having your own view on this. But I am not sure whether you will stick to your view after the invention of a new app made by people at Code Computerlove.

Now what is this? If you aren’t aware of it, let me tell you. The topic of discussion amongst all the web users!!This is an app that tends to change the shape of this Flash vs. HTML5 debate. How? It has the power of both Flash as well as HTML 5 operating together. Pretty cool and interesting!!

When you just have a glance on it, it’s another version of the popular computer game Pong. Yet, it’s the two rivals- Flash and HTML 5 operating on it together, which makes the app new and different. Both become equally necessary for the app, as, the left side of the board has been coded in HTML5, whereas, the right side is the creation of Flash. A proper balance has been maintained. Believe me; it’s going to be real fun comparing both.

I wondered as to what was the idea behind this experiment. It’s worth appreciating!! The mind behind this idea “Computerlove” has actually tried to put forward and prove their view that it’s not wise on our part to put two significant technologies into debate when both have their individual significance.

Well, I feel they aren’t on a wrong track. No doubt, HTML is the future but we cannot put Flash in the past category when it still continues to give us beautiful web experiences; making our websites highly interactive. What do you feel? However, you should try out this app before passing your judgment about it.

Let’s wait and watch whether the debate ends are it goes up in flames even more!!

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3 Responses

  1. techwench says:

    steve jobs does all the time in the same way

  2. I couldn’t agree more. When viewed from the broader spectrum both technologies seem to be competing with each other, but when you’re in the more detailed view…such as looking at the details of a specific project, Flash and HTML5 almost never compete; they each cover their own separate niche.

    Just as much as I can point out sites that are in HTML5 and 2 years ago would have been flash, I can point out dozens of flash sites that users love, companies profit from, and agencies profited from making…and that HTML5 isn’t capable of. People forget that most websites are a business transaction, not committee decisions by utopian idealists fighting for a platform. If a technology is profitable and useful then it won’t go anywhere because agencies will still develop for it, clients will keep commissioning projects for it, and users will keep using it.

  3. I could not agree more…. they both have there place and function…. Flash is here to stay whether people like it or not and just becasue Steve Jobs says flash is died, doesnt mean anything… I love my mac trust me I do….

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