5 Steps To A Great Logo Design

Choosing a new logo design for your business can be a difficult task. How can you use your logo to communicate your brand and keep your business in the minds of your customers? A great logo design is the first and most important step towards ensuring that customers remember your brand. Designing a logo which is memorable, yet communicates your brand’s personality, is a huge challenge.

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So how can you design a logo to create a lasting impression on your customers?


One of the most important things to remember when designing a new logo is how to make it stand out. Your logo must firmly plant itself in the minds of your potential customers. Your logo design must be different from your competitors, creating instant recognition in your target market. To ensure your logo will stand out, do lots of research and compare your competitors logos. Remember to differentiate your design.

Use of Color

The way you use color in a new logo design can have a huge impact on its effectiveness. Different colors are perceived differently, and convey different emotions. It is also important that your logo is designed to complement your company’s brand image. Which color best represents your business? You should reflect this in your new design. For example, green logos are associated with nature, life and money. On the other hand, blue is often associated with relaxation, trust and water.

Simplicity is Key

Nothing looks worse than an over-designed and overly complicated logo design, so keep your logo as simple as possible! Remember, your logo will be used on your website, email, business cards, signs and perhaps on stationery too, so it’s important to remember that whether your logo is big or small, it must remain clear and legible. Keeping your logo design simple means it will be more recognizable in the market place, your logo doesn’t need to sell your products for you, it just needs to communicate an idea. Your goal should be keeping your brand in the customers mind and enticing them to find out more.

Get a Professional’s Help

Making your own logo design can be fun and rewarding, but it is still best to seek the assistance of a professional graphic designer to turn your ideas into a sleek, good-looking design. By all means, do some sketches and share your ideas with the designer, but leave the finished product up to them. With their years of experience,  in just a couple of hours they will be able to turn your ideas into a beautiful and professional-looking logo that you can use for years to come.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

While creating a new logo design can be fun and a great chance to express yourself, it’s important to remember why you’re creating the logo. A logo should represent your business in the simplest terms, effectively communicate your brand values and attract customers. At every stage of the logo design process you should ask yourself ‘Does this logo represent my business effectively?’ Think about the image you are trying to create and express this through your finished logo design.

This article was written by Stephanie Wagner, a freelance author writing about technology, small business and investment.  She is not associated with Logo Mojo but can recommend them for quality logo design services.


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