What is the utility of HTML5 and CSS3 in web designing?

HTML5 and CSS3 are important for web designing as it provides broader range of options and increases the creative opportunities of designing a webpage. Web designing plays an important role in marketing your products. Design your website in such a manner so that visitors come back to your site frequently.


Utility of HTML5 and CSS3:

Web designing is only a part of web development. It includes various backend coding processes. It helps in enhancing your web presence by building an effective website. Using HTML5 and CSS3 has become a trend in web designing.

HTML is Hyper Text Markup language and CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. CSS are those files which tell the web browsers the ways to display HTML pages that is how your web pages should look. HTML on the other hand is the basis of any web page. Cascading Style Sheets as the name suggests provides you control over fonts, styles, background color and style, etc. Moreover, CSS has made web designing easier and less time consuming. With the advent of CSS3 and HTML5, the most important thing that has come to everyone’s notice is that adding videos to a web page has become easier. HTML5 even allows you to watch videos without any plug-ins for example Flash. Flash slows down the computer but with HTML5, this feature is added from the beginning. HTML is the best major version of HTML till date.

CSS3 and HTML5 helps in creating animations and games and that too without Flash. HTML5 also provides web applications the ability to store information even if you are working offline. HTML5 and CSS3 together help in making your web pages more attractive as compared to a simple HTML page. The added features available with the two are wrapping to the text, stroke and shadow to the text, rounded corners, direct web fonts, multiple backgrounds, background clipping, box shadow and resizing, direct web fonts, opacity, and many more.

Moreover, the features of HTML5 and CSS3 are now compatible with most of the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer 9, Opera, etc. These are even cost effective and time saving.


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