HTML5 Infographic : Past, Present and Future

‘HTML5-Past, Present & Future’ which sheds new light on the evolution, features and functionalists of HTML5. The infographic illustrates the evolution of HTML from its inception in 1990 to HTML5 in 2009 with the help of a timeline. The key features and the uses of HTML5 are also listed briefly. It reveals that Google Chrome and Safari are more compatible with Web applications using HTML5 when compared to Internet Explorer and Opera. On the other hand, Firefox maintains the highest browser compatibility on mobiles and tablets. Research indicates that the use of HTML5 in mobile application development has increased to 78% this year. It is also estimated that by 2016, HTML5 usage with mobile browsers will increase to 2.1 billion from 109 billion in 2010.

html5 infographics

Infographic created by Dot Com Infoway.


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  1. Nam says:

    Only recently started to dive into HTML5, and i must say that i love it! To bad IE is still a b*tch ’bout displaying everything correct

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