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Tired of plain-looking text for some links on your website? Well there’s actually an answer for that—Icons! Come to think of it, Windows did not become infamous because of the word itself. It is globally recognized as the icon with red, green, blue and yellow boxes outlined with black to resemble a window pane. Another perfect example is the bitten apple for Apple itself which is also helpful to label Mac systems, manufactured by the formidable Apple.

Comparable to the real world, icons work as logos. Like for instance, the two golden arches forming an M for McDonalds has been its trademark for decades already. Icons and logos represent a certain business or a certain concept so that it becomes recognizable and memorable for the majority.

For your websites, icons are a good tool to add some twist on your web pages, masking your need for wider spaces. Remember that too much text may cramp up your web pages, and so it will look disorganized. In this case, let us give you some links to downloadable icons that are artfully designed to suit your needs.

Social Media Sites on Paper Icons


Free Useful Icon

This is a set containing icons of common social media sites which are creatively drawn on paper for uniformity and to lose the “stiffness” of the original icons. These are perfect if you want to give your visitors an option to share some information on your website on their social media accounts.

Christmas and New Year Icons

Free Useful Icon

Feeling festive? You can use this set to add that festive flavor on your websites or blogs.

Twitter Icons

Free Useful Icon

Twitter is one of the most competitive social networking sites at present. You can use Twitter icons if you need to link the twitter account for your site or otherwise, use these for file sharing purposes. The blue bird, which is Twitter’s trademark, is also designed with different costumes if you feel like changing them according to current trends or by season.

Desktop Icons

Free Useful Icon

If your theme is something consistent with operating system environment, you can use this set of icons to accomplish it. The set contains common desktop icons and some commonly used ones such as gems, diamonds and more.

E-commerce Icons

Free Useful Icon

You can assign links to these icons to perform tasks for practical purposes.

Cute Icons for Blogging

Free Useful Icon

This may be one of the sets you’d wish to download since it comprises of a random collection of different icons for your website or your blogs.

Feel free to check other sites for more downloadable icons. In the meantime, enjoy!

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