Free Useful Icons For Your Website

Tired of plain-looking text for some links on your website? Well there’s actually an answer for that—Icons! Come to think of it, Windows did not become infamous because of the word itself. It is globally recognized as the icon with red, green, blue and yellow boxes outlined with black to resemble a window pane. Another perfect example is the bitten apple for Apple itself which is also helpful to label Mac systems, manufactured by the formidable Apple.

Comparable to the real world, icons work as logos. Like for instance, the two golden arches forming an M for McDonalds has been its trademark for decades already. Icons and logos represent a certain business or a certain concept so that it becomes recognizable and memorable for the majority.

For your websites, icons are a good tool to add some twist on your web pages, masking your need for wider spaces. Remember that too much text may cramp up your web pages, and so it will look disorganized. In this case, let us give you some links to downloadable icons that are artfully designed to suit your needs.

Social Media Sites on Paper Icons


Free Useful Icon (more…)

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29 Vagrant Illustrator Brushes for Digital Artists

Illustrator Brushes are very useful for designers. With the popularity Adobe has built over the years they are certainly a very popular development company. Adobe Illustrator in particular is a fantastic tool for icon and logo designers. And when you incorporate the many brush sets to be found around the web, the possibilities are limitless! Our 29 examples of brush sets here should be perfect for every graphics designer.

High Quality Paintbrushes

Illustrator Brushes


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55 Refreshing iPhone Themes and Icon Sets

For those folks familiar with Apple technology you’ll notice how sophisticated UIs have become. Interfaces have been evolving with each release and now we’re at the point of iPads and iPhone’s in every home. These devices are capable of running amazing apps, Internet browsing, SMS messaging and so much more.

The colorful part of these designs allow users to decorate their devices. Themes and icon sets are free to download from many sources throughout the web. The installation process isn’t a walk in the park. However if you do understand the internal workings iPhone themes can provide amazing opportunities for customization.

55 Refreshing iPhone Themes and Icon Sets

Check out the great collection of 55 themes I’ve included below. These all work for iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. All themes contain unique icons and wallpapers, while some include sophisticated UI replacements across the board. If you’d like to find more we offer a great set of apps for website designers and developers.

Matte Nano

Icon Sets (more…)

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50 Must See Icon Design Tutorials

Using icons make your blog design look minimal and modern. There are several kinds of icons which serve different purposes such as Website icons, Desktop icons and Application icons. In this round-up we present excellent useful Icon Design Tutorials. Enjoy!

How to Create a Quirky Twitter Bird in Corel Draw

Learn here how to create a this bird using a few techniques in Corel Draw. Successful completion of this tutorial requires an intermediate knowledge of Corel Draw. We think it’s easy as there is no need for Art school sketches that are usually needed in the first step. Let’s get started!

twitter icon (more…)

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Icons-Land : 5 Great Icon Sets

Icons deliver the first impression when someone experiences your application or visits your website. Icons are great tools for self-expression, especially in instant messaging, and are used to represent emotions and identity. Icons-Land has a great list of professional-quality icons for website designers and software developers.They offers Vista style royalty-free stock icons, vector icons, emoticons and custom icon design services. In this round-up we present some great icons from Icons-Land. we hope you’ll find this collection useful for both your personal and professional work!

Base Software Vector Icons

Base Software Vector Icons (more…)

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15 Best Social Icons Sets

Adding the social icons to your blog is a great way to cross-promote your presence on other websites and blogs. Social bookmarking sites can go a long way to help you with link building. We round up the best social icons sets. we hope you’ll find this collection useful for both your personal and professional work!

Free Social Media – Networking & Bookmarking Icon Set

Social Icons (more…)

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5 twitter follow me icons collections

Collection of Twitter Bird follow me icons help you gain more followers.Follow me on twitter icons for blog, falling leaves twitter icon, Twitter sticker icon, png twitter icon, Vector based twitter icon set, free twitter icons.

1-Randa Clay – Free Twitter Graphics

18 different Twitter buttons like this one.

twitter1gif.gif (more…)

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