20 amazing tools to modify images

Adobe Photoshop is not just a simple software or an amazing tool to modify images, it‘s a new possibility of creating art items. Obviously, it is used to retouch images, to create the layouts of various websites or any graphical designs but, in the hands of talented artists, it is the perfect tool to create amazing works. This software is pretty enough to check some galleries to see some of the works made with it and it’s impossible not to say “wow” and catalogue them as the exponents of a new kind of art.

Unfortunately, this powerful software is pretty expensive and not everyone may allow himself to buy a license. Under these circumstances, what should a common Internet user do when he must modify some images? Is the use of Photoshop mandatory?

Fortunately, many designers & developers have observed this and have created amazing pieces of software or online applications that simply may replace Photoshop. Some of them aren’t very powerful while others are real competitors of the Adobe product.

Here is a compilation of the best online applications that may help any individual to make the fine adjustments needed for his images and some artists have managed to make good works. There is a great chance to be easily noticed by a huge company when someone has done an impressive work with a decent application. Definitely, there are many other applications that enhance photos, but it’s impossible not to neglect some, therefore if you know one that is really powerful, please share it with us.

1. Adobe Photoshop

images tools

Adobe is one of the most important brands all over the world. They released an online version similar to Photoshop, apparently a competitor but it’s in fact pretty similar to a movie teaser. The cool interface of this application will make a lot of users curios and it may conduct to an increased number of sales. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

2. Phoenix

images tools

Aviary is another famous online entity and they launched a tool to modify images called Phoenix. This image editor has a clean interface that allows the making of pretty serious improvements in a very easy way.

3. Splash Up

images tools

Splash up is a very powerful tool, but it has almost nothing original; the entire structure is based on the design of Photoshop. If you can ignore this, then check it, Splash up can guarantee miracles in the proper hands.

4. Picknik

images tools

This online presence has many visitors and lots of fans but in April it is quite probable that Picnik will become history. By visiting it, you will see the message that informs about this fact. Anyway, you may modify your images here, surely it isn’t super powerful but could be an alternative for small adjustments.

5. Pixlr

images tools

It looks very professional and really does its job very well. All that can be achieved in Photoshop (at the basic and medium level) may be obtained with it.

6. Queeky

images tools

This application is doing the same as Pixlr, therefore it is better to bookmark the both of them.

7. Big huge labs

images tools

There is no person who hasn’t imagined himself on a magazine cover or a poster. Big huge labs allows your dreams to be sketched; the pallet of possibilities is very high and clear, it’s a good source of fun.

8. Be funky

images tools

By using this picture, the own perspective is replaced by multiple presets, unfortunately some of them are requiring the upgrade to premium account.

9. Fix picture

images tools

This impresses due to the elegant interface, it doesn’t offer amazing effects or super adjustments but instead it lets the user crop and resize the images very well, in a very handy modality. Nice idea, it doesn’t replace the entire Photoshop power, but all is done very professionally.

10. Fotoflexer

images tools

It is a very clean image editor for different situations, from retouch and distortions to adding shapes, fonts and other advanced options. It’s powerful and very nice to use.

11. Pizap

images tools

Pizap can’t be used for very serious projects, but when it’s just about fun and small modifications it’s recommended.

12. Citrify

images tools

Citrify is another place where cool effects and professional adjustments may be done. The apart feature is that fun is added by using stickers even if the graphical interface looks very serious.

13. Tuxpi

images tools

Do you want something fast, funny, having multiple options and simple to work with? Then Tuxpi is what you really need. Clearly, you shouldn’t be a photo expert to enhance your pics here.

14. Drpic

images tools

Drpic is another image editor that is doing just what an editor must do: simple adjustment and effects, everything very quickly and easily to manipulate.

15. Pic magick

images tools

The same as the precedent one, there are enough effects and adjustments that allow a very good manipulation of any picture but it can’t replace the greatness of Adobe Photoshop.

16. Dumpr

images tools

This application is very comical and I recommend it when you are sad, it’s impossible to remain upset.

17. Festisite

images tools

All of us want to be famous and worldwide appreciated but only very few are famous. A sign of reconnaissance of a nation for an important citizen is to create a banknote with his face. The application lets you visualize how banknote with your face would look.

18. Makeovr

images tools

This application isn’t created to dramatically improve a picture but it’s useful as an exercise of imagination, you may change the “face” of your friends or favorite actors.

19. Tilt shift maker

images tools

Tilt effect is very appreciated amongst photographers and here you may obtain a beautiful result.

20. All my magic

images tools

The last, but not the least, simple and nice are its main features.

Disclaimer: the order of the presentation doesn’t reflect the value or the appreciation of these. I tried to offer a large vision over these image editors, from the most complex to the ones that are created mostly for fun. All you have to do is to test each one of these and select the best ones for you.

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