The Final Liftoff: Launching Your Website Right

You’re preparing for liftoff.  The target market is identified; the ecommerce elements in place; and, all necessary and intriguing copy written.  Launching a site is an exciting time for a business, and to supplement the experience with better tidings, smart businesspeople mind a few things.

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Mobile and Multi Device

Your site looks great, but you’re using an Apple desktop machine.  What does your site look like on a Motorola Android?  Today’s consumers frequently surf the web, yet behaviors differ depending on user experience.  For example, some studies reflect mobile experiences influencing the number of times users click on ads.  Depending on implementation, some ads appear odd, cutoff, or deviated on mobile devices.

It would be an integral mistake, especially if consumers mostly purchase from mobile devices, to launch a site without researching its appearance on multiple devices.

User Experience (UX)

User experience, sometimes referred as UX, regards the intuitive nature of design and a user’s ability to achieve intentions quickly and effectively without anxiety.  It’s an achievement to upload high-definition images, create compelling content and ensure page’s are index-ready, but a site launched while hosting a poor user experience will not achieve intended and projected results.

Beta (or test) versions of sites are released to a limited number of people.  That way, designers and small business owners receive feedback as well as acquire the advocacy of a small pool of intended targets.

Backing Up Data and Old Sites

When revamping an aging site, or launching a new site yet assuming the same industry goals, ensure you have all previous site data saved.  In some cases, web masters decide to exact 301 redirects, telling search engines to move a page’s address from an older site to newer one. Seek more information from a web design in Essex firm about technical aspects.

Social Media

The preceding insights mind technical aspects while launching a new site warrants marketing as well.  To supplement paid advertising, a number of businesspeople implement social media aspects to marketing endeavors, such as blog posts, Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds.  A great-looking site still needs to attract attention.

Consider the difference a social bastion like Oprah’s book club makes for new authors.  While all technical aspects are in place, pursue public relations efforts to spread awareness about the new site and subsequent products and services.


SEO (or search engine optimization services) helps small businesses gain better traction on the major search engines, like Google and Yahoo.  A form of traditional marketing, SEOs mix technical prowess with marketing sentiments to get clients better rankings, click-through rates and conversions.

SEO services ensure web pages are coded correctly for indexation, taking note of site maps.  Additionally, SEOs work with clients before, during and after launch to ensure digital successes.

Launching a site is an exciting time for a business owner.  However, it’s assumed many owners are busy being owners on a regular-day basis.  Therefore, ensure you’re not launching in haste, placing your business at a possible deficit rather than benefit.  Consider the following insights to make your site ‘launch ready.’

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