20 Artistic Logos Inspired by Line Art Technique!

After the field of logo design has evolved over the years, many new techniques of designing a logo have surfaced. Among some of the artistic techniques is Line art. It has been present in graphic designing, but has been introduced recently in logo design. It entails the method of using straight or bent lines on a simple backdrop to create an attractive logo design.One of the most suitable locations where line art logos are used is in logos for fashion outlets and clothing shops. It is used to symbolized thread or string that is employed in creation of articles of clothing. A variant of the line-art design is continuous pattern. In this, the logo is formed out of a continual line that is shaped into a meaningful shape.

Have a look at these 20 artistic logos that are inspired by line are technique:


Love Clicks


The Next Zone


Two Continuous Penguins


The VIP Club

Jeff Hig


Music Junkie





Loin Art


Heart Hread


Message in a Bottle

Nora Reed

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