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Common Problems Faced in Logo Designing – Tackle Them!

Regardless of what your vocation is, you will be besieged by various issues and predicaments that you need to tackle. Even as logo designers you cannot expect your line of work to be all pleasurable and unproblematic. Designing logos also includes some problems and quandaries that you must tackle. While taking on a logo design project, you will face client issues, technical issues and various other problems that are necessary to address.


Now I know that most logo designers believe that they are capable of tackling all kinds of problems in their careers. But technical issues are not the only ones that need to be addressed. Although you can solve your petty issues, there are some problems that occur frequently and need to be tackled beforehand. Since I have been actively working as a logo designer for several years, I have picked up many problems that are commonly faced by designers all over. Hence, I intend to share these following problems with the rest of the designers:

Similar Designs:

There is a saying that creative minds think alike. But this is no excuse for producing logo designs that are similar to already present ones. There is a meager difference between copying and being motivated from another design. Before you can think of using a particular design element, make sure that your thoroughly investigate its use and trademark rights.

Incompatibility issues:

Another crucial thing that you will face as logo designers is the compatibility issues with your file types. Since there are many logo design software out there, you have to make sure that your project files are attuned to all kinds of software and are easily accessible by your client.

Immoral clients:

There comes a point in a logo designer’s life where they must choose between right and wrong. Some clients come up with bizarre and immoral demands to fulfill. For example, f someone approaches you and asks you to create a design exactly similar to a famous logo, you will find it morally inappropriate to do. Since cheating and copying isn’t in your moral standards of designing, you have to reject this kind of demands no matter how much the client is paying.

Lack of Communication:

The pinnacle of every logo design project lies on the strength of your relationship with the client. If there is a lack of communication between the logo designer and the client, then there will be various issues and problems in the future. You must make sure to bridge the communication barrier of your clientele for a smooth transaction.

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    Nice explanation, not so many new things, but still interesting to read. Thx

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    Interesting post and lack of communication is very common with a lot of misunderstandings as result.

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