5 Types of Photo-blogs That You can Launch and Monetize

Photo-blogs are getting more and more popular these days, owing to those cameras in phones that are better than an average DSLR camera and quite a lot of apps that let you post your images to the blogs directly from the smartphone. In most cases, when we are looking to capture a moment, there are two primary motives, either we’re capturinga moment to be able to cherish it in the days to come, or we are looking to share something of interest with our friends and loved ones, and Internet provides a perfect platform for people looking to share photographs. There are platforms like Snapfish or Mixbookor you can set up your own blog on an independent domain, if you are serious about taking your hobby to the next level, and making some money, or gain some recognition for your work.

Why is it important to come up with a specific theme?

Deciding a theme and trying to post only relevant photos might sound a little difficult. It’s true that a general photo-blog can give you the convenience of posting anything at any time. However, just like it is the case with text blogs, deciding a theme will let you attract and develop a more loyal following. Following are some ideas for the most common and popular themes for photo-blogs and how you can make the most of these blogs. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to use photos captured by yourself, you can always get in touch with other artists, and use their photographs, while giving proper credits.

1. Travel & Landscape:


If you are a travel enthusiast and often travel to different places in the holidays and vacations then you’ve got an easy choice, just start taking and posting pictures of different destinations and landscapes as you go. Travel and landscape photo-blogs are some of the most sought-afterblogs out there, and you will very easily get some travel and tourism businesses looking to sponsor your blog (or even your traveling).

2. Architecture:


While nature might be unassailable when it comes to offering sights that will leave you breathless for some time, but man-made structures have got a charisma of their own, and you can cash in on this charisma if you are living in (or visiting) a city with lots of skyscrapers, ancient buildings, or any other kind of noteworthy architecture. On an architecture photo blog, you can post photos of skyscrapers, bridges, shopping malls, old buildings, monuments, and the likes.

3. People& Objects:

taking pictures

Photo credit: krissen

Not everybody has the resources or leisure to travel to faraway places, sightseeing and taking pictures, and not everybody lives in a city like Chicago,New York, Singapore, Seattle,Sydney, or Dubai, havingquite some options when it comes to architectural wonders, but one thing everybody has, are people and objects. However, remember that you might need model release forms in some cases, so try not to capture people without getting their consent, especially if they are easily recognizable in photos.

4. Nature:

Nature bird

A photo-blog with nature theme has got some endless options to choose from, for example trees, streams, sunrise, sky, grass, river, sea, desert, rain, mountain, plants, animals, I mean the list just goes on and on.

5. Region Specific:


Probably one of the most convenient photo-blog themes is to make it region specific by just focusing on the streets, localities, events, buildings, and everyday life of the city you are living in. Rest assured, you will develop a fan following very soon, that will consist of not only the people who are living in the city, but also those who have spent a big part of their life in the city, but now they have moved elsewhere, and they’d love to revisit and revive the memories via the photographs at your blog.

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  1. When posting about photography-blogging, it might be apt to include a word on creative commons, copyright and the like.

    Preferrably to only use cc:d images. And about at least giving the photographer, who took the pictures you’ve used, credit by mentioning his or her name.

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