How to Use Pinterest to Showcase Your Company’s Creativity

Just when you thought the social networks had reached their max, enter Pinterest. Now before you moan and groan about having to worry about yet another social network (at least that’s what I did), it’s important that you realize that this network does offer something that other networks do not—it’s centered around visuals. Although other social networks give you the option of posting an image or a video, Pinterest takes this to an entirely new level.

For those who are unfamiliar, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize your interests (hence the name). Many people use this website to plan weddings or decorate their homes. It’s a great place to pin up images, videos, and different patterns that you may find interesting. You can mix and match, so the website allows you to see visually the ideas that come into your head. Below is an example of someone who used Pinterestto store all of their recipes:


Now comes the social aspect of the site. You can look at other individual’s boards and “repin” images or videos you see to your board. Everything that is pinned on the site has the option of commenting or adding a caption, so you can see exactly what someone is thinking when they choose to pin something on a certain board. You are allowed to create as many boards as you wish; all of which are laid out clearly in a profile section (sounding like a social network yet?). Below is an example of a Pinterest profile:

Pinterest profile

As you can see, Diana has seven different boards and 38 pins. There is also the option of “liking” a board or a pin and mentioning the board or pin on other social networks (okay, now it should start sounding familiar). Because it works so similarly to other social giants such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to use and has quickly become popular with around 7.2 million unique visitors according to Site Analytics.

If you’re wondering how your business can benefit from the popular Pinterest phenomena, look no further. Below lists five ways your business can use Pinterest to its advantage:

Top 4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Pinterest

1. You can connect links with images to help improve your SEO

The website allows you to connect images/infographics/videos with a link to where it was originally found. The way it works is this: If someone pins a picture of your product or an infographic you created, they will be linking back to your website; thus making it easier to find the website that was responsible for the image. These links will count as inbound links back to your site and will help boost your SEO. You will also be getting credit for your work, which simply gives you another outlet to get your brand name out there for everyone to see. It works well even if you do not have a Pinterest account; however you will have a better chance of someone finding your work and repining it if you have an account to showcase it.

2. It’s easy to connect with past customers and clients on a new level.

You can setup your Pinterest account using Facebook or Twitter. This will help you get the ball rolling when it comes to connections. Everyone you already know using Pinterest will be notified that you have joined, so they will be able to start repining your work. After all, if they are past customers and clients they are probably a fan of what you create. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and get your work publicized through this new medium. This is also a great way to connect with your clients on a different level. They may be able to visual better what they need done through a site such as Pinterest, so it’s beneficial to have a presence on the site.

3. It’s simple to manage.

This is one of the few social networking sites that doesn’trequire constant maintenance. While Twitter and Facebook require constant managing of comments and sharing information, Pinterest is fine being left alone for a few days. As long as you make sure that your pins are characterized with appropriate keywords, users should be able to find your board with no problem. They can also find your images on other individual’s boards at any time. In other words, it isn’t like Twitter where one tweet is gone in 5 minutes because it’s pushed to the bottom. Your pin could be there for much longer, so it’s no rush to check the site.

4. The site is very niche specific, so you’ll be attracting the right eyes.

People use the site to create what they enjoy or visualize a project they have in the works. This means that most boards have a common theme and point toward one industry. This means that if someone pins your images/video/infographic, they’re probably someone who values what you do and might possible want to learn more.

The one thing that intimidates many businesses is the one thing that makes Pinterest so unique—the visuals. Web design companies or companies who specialize in graphics or visual effects have tons of material to begin creating their boards, but other industries aren’t so sure.

The truth is, you do not have to be a company that focuses on images or videos. Virtually any company can create an infographic explaining a study they recently conducted, a video explaining step by step how to do something, or a cool image that embodies the meaning of the company. In other words, the visuals can be simply representations—they do not have to be the main focus of your business.

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