6 Best Premium Admin Templates

Whatever content management system (CMS) you use, having a powerful admin template behind it is important. Without a quality admin template, you’ll find designing and running your site to be much more difficult, especially if you aren’t using sites like WordPress or Joomla for site development.

Not using WordPress? Install a good admin template.

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Caffeine Responsive Admin Template

Built using HTM5 and CSS3, Caffeine is a premium admin template that plays well with all major browsers, making it a real workhorse for many businesses. Caffeine is also packed with features, including over 15 custom widgets, jQuery integration, more than 400 @font-face icons and a fully responsive grid.

Most users report learning to use Caffeine is also quite simple, which is definitely a plus for busy people.


elite admin template

Elite is an ideal admin template for those that use jQuery regularly, as it offers more than 25 customizable plugins that can make your work more efficient. In addition, Elite also offers a variety of other features like mobile use, HTML storage, custom grids and custom color themes, so it isn’t just for the jQuery focused.


mango slick responsive admin template

Perhaps the slickest-looking of all on this list, Mango is an easy-to-look-at and easy-to-use template that offers users a complete UI-set, HTML5 and CSS3 and a host of custom plugins. Mango can also be used via iPad and iPhone – a real plus for some.


Amsterdam Admin Template

Amsterdam is a Bootstrap-based admin template that offers four fully responsive layouts, extended UI-sets, two and three column viewing and organized code, making it easy to use. Amsterdam is ideal for social-based businesses because of its use of Twitter’s Bootstrap, but it’s a powerful tool that can work well for a variety of businesses.


Aquincum Admin Template

Aquincum offers 29 valid HTML pages, organized and commented code, a variety of custom elements and Bootstrap integration. Aquinicum also offers more than 30 plugins and detailed documentation, making it a pretty powerful template.


Hurricane Admin Template

Hurricane, designed to have a responsive liquid layout, 26 valid HTML pages and 350 icons in a variety of sizes and colors, is a flexible tool that many jQuery-based users are already familiar with because of its jQuery plugin, widgets and plugins.

Hurricane is a go-to tool for jQuery sites because it’s powerful and very user-friendly. If you use jQuery, you’ll want to give Hurricane a try.

Admin templates like Hurricane work well with jQuery.

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While there are a variety of admin templates out there, what really matters is how well they will work for your needs. For example, if you’re using jQuery, tools like Hurricane will work well. If Twitter is important for your business, a Bootstrap-based application might make more sense.

In the end, most premium admin templates are functional, but they may not all be right for you.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in the Los Angeles area who specializes in business marketing and social media. In order to keep her site running smoothly, she utilizes a quality admin template.


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