The advanced Google algorithm as it is today

Google is good for many things and providing users with the most relevant and quality results quickly is one of them. But we owe it all to their complex algorithm that is being changed and improved almost every day to insure stability and safe surfing for users.

Since Google was launched in 1998, many things have happened. Changes and updates started to affect the algorithm more and more often and SEOs around the world started to panic. Truth is, there is absolutely no reason for that since the updates we witness only affect a small percentage of all searches and they generally aim for the spammy, low quality websites.

For example, the “Ads above the fold” update will only affect websites with too many ads, made with one purpose – to generate money from advertising. This and more useful information about all the Google updates and changes you can find in this interesting inforgraphic.

google algorithm

Google Search Marketing

This infographic was made possible by one of the leading search marketing agencies in Denmark – Outrider. You will be able to find a list of all the sources we used to put this information together on their website.


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