Skills Web Designers Should Learn to Perform Better in 2019

The era of digital art is rather remarkable in terms of graphic design trends in 2019. Some of them vanish as rapidly as they emerge. Nonetheless, certain predispositions hold positions for an extended time period. This indicates that we can chat about their comparative constancy, as well as the claim amid eCommerce web designers and users.

2019 will be all about providing consumer experience: eCommerce web design trends will prioritize speediness and mobile design, attention-grabbing humble designs with disproportionate layouts, enticing video backgrounds, and much more.

In this article, I have assembled and arranged the list of expertise and trends that are going to be utilised in new projects very shortly in 2019.

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Learn to Communicate in the Language of UX design

As the design business becomes ever more engrossed with digital technology, user experience (UX) design is becoming more and more significant. Designing the aspect of merchandises that individuals inter-relate with is more and more in-request amongst owners, says Strohacker. Data has become vital to numerous products. This has generated a requirement for the user interface design experts to make the products unchallenging for the clients in terms of their appeal.

UX design neither is graphic design nor is it web design; it’s a dissimilar self-restraint that goes much deeper and is extra affiliated with human behaviour – but it is something that several website designers are well fitted out to accomplish if they have the restraint (Source).

And it’s not about chasing an occupation conversion to grow into a UX designer but enhancing your aptitude to do the work you’re presently in.

Micro Animation

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An elusive but evident 2019 trend in web design is micro-animations. Micro-animations are a prevailing way to deliver an instinctive and sufficient experience to your consumer as they look through your website. This is achieved through little animations that aid the consumer to comprehend the site and authenticate them when they mouse over or click on a component, for instance altering the colour of a button when the cursor moves over it, or a menu mounting when they click on the hamburger.

The micro interaction is attaining admiration amongst the eCommerce website designers and this fashion can be noticed all over the newest websites in the year 2019.

Retro Styling

The retro styling generally comprises of the collaborating of old customary style with the new modernised variety. This style has been seen in attire and fashion at the beginning of the year 2018, and afterwards, this was trending in product wrapping. Currently, this retro style is best probably to be seen on the corporate websites.

If you are preparing to modernize your web designing talents, then keep in mind to keep an eye on this hottest trend. Retro styling will not merely give your website colours but it will also appeal to new viewers and visitors.

Utilise Coding for Quicker Idea Iteration

As it is for UX, so it is for coding. No one is anticipating somebody fixated on graphic design to develop a website from birth to end – that would brand them a web designer – but the more you can comprehend about the coding procedure, the better you can work in partnership with designers and programmers on your digital designs.

And even if you can’t get time at your job, something as rudimentary as HTML is pretty swift and simple to pick up. There are numerous wonderful online courses, counting the free of charge ones provided by W3Schools.

Broken Grid/Asymmetrical Layouts

In 2019, web design fashions are all about thinking outside the box, or rather, the network. Broken grid and disproportionate designs are putting their mark throughout the web design business in an immense way. Instead of the thrust from several web designers in the direction of smooth, quick, simple design, there’s also a huge delegation of designers promoting the renewed, conspicuous appearance of broken blueprints.

These designs are remarkable, assisting to engross consumers and guide them towards the most significant fragments of the website, but not due to reputable, routine design configurations. As a substitute, imaginative use of visual pecking order guides the eye on where to gaze. By means of colours, figures, textures, animated use of style, and vibrant pictures, the designer can direct the consumer’s attention in a new, pleasing way toward the content or the CTAs that they need consumers to discover.

Video Backgrounds

Regardless of the minimalist, fast-loading, smooth design trends, video backgrounds are still extremely widespread as a fashion going into 2019. You may think with rapidity being such an enormous feature this year that videos would swamp down a site too greatly, but, remarkably, video backgrounds have been revealed to intensify conversions.

When a consumer lands on your website and a video plays in the background, they’re expected to stick around to watch it since videos are attention-grabbing. The more the client remains on your website, the more probable they are to transform. This, in turn, increases your time on site metric, and the greater your typical time on site is, the enhanced your SEO is.

Chatbots/Machine Learning

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Over the past couple of years, interrelating and communicating with bots has become more and more common. Bots, or chatbots, are becoming more and more communal on websites and micro-interactions across digital media. It’s probable that you chatted with one the last time you called your mobile service provider.

In 2019, this technology will remain to be finalized and integrated into company websites. Before long, web communications will become unified. Envision a website that already identifies precisely what your client is looking for by merely evaluating their previous communications with your business.

Comprehend Mobile Design

Mobile web design has become one of the chief trends in web development. In 2015, 33.4% of all website traffic globally was produced through mobile phones (Source). This statistic should not be overlooked by designers who wish to provide a leading-edge merchandise.

It’s just crucial to be vigilant, study greatly and stick to essential ideologies of mobile web design to be able to commendably enhance any website for mobile devices, giving abundant consideration to every feature, particularly to logo optimization.

Digitization of Handwork

Contemporary tools for working with graphics items are so progressive that they permitted moving the typical brushes in Photoshop to the background. Their time has already concluded. Illustrations by hand are now stunningly transmitted to the digital space and accompanied by distinctive effects.


This trend is exclusive not only to graphic design. It flawlessly “lives” in the instructions of web design and logo design, not going to submit their own positions. Rather, efficiently familiarizes to other trends and is joined with them. Specialists foresee that the gradients will rapidly be typically two-tone. It seems very fascinating. So, it will be in the request by designers and their clients.

2019 might appear like the Janus of years for web design: on one hand are the enticing visual amusements of broken grid layouts and video backgrounds. On the other hand, are the stunning but useful tenets of uniform design and solo page layouts. As trends vary, so does the business. Staying above that expertise and trends will aid you to maintain your website renewed, attractive, and making conversions.

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Syed Waqqas Mohsin is an Online Marketing Specialist with over 5 years of experience in Digital Media and is currently a team Lead at FME Extensions, a leading e-commerce web design and development agency. Over the years, FME Extensions has successfully delivered projects in Magento and other CMS/shopping cart platforms. You can find him on the LinkedIn.


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