Top Web Design Trends to follow in 2019

Do you remember the last time you updated your website? Well, if that was long ago. Gear up and get started now. After all, technology is an ever-changing field. But we are not just talking about your website’s functionality, but also the design.

With a lot to add, web designs trends have changed significantly over the years. For something that represents your brand, staying up-to-date is definitely essential. It directly affects your conversions, you see. Here, we do not just refer to the visual perception, but also on how easy it is to use the website. But before you get started, here are some of the cutting-edge trends that give your web design the boost it needs.

1. Leave Standards, Let Non-standardised Talk for You

Exceeding the mainstream concept of standard designs, visual randomness is the new hotty in the town of Web Designs and Development. Non-standard placement of the information blocks now finds its way to the relevance. The approach significantly helps brands to gain user’s interest and, in turn, augment the results. What else? All this without taking a toll on the corporate style.


If this approach really inspires you enough to give it a try, make sure that you take care of the reader. They tend to examine things from left to right. Hence, make sure that the essential information takes this flow for your readers to pay attention.

2. Full-Screen Videos to Offer Your Visitors with Information Combined with Convenience

Yes, videos were seen as devils once, credits to their size. They were mere something that would add weight to the website and hence influence the page load speed.

But no more. Videos have gained a significant position as a leader among the web design trends. Brands are now using the convenience of videos to deliver the information that they wish to. Users no more need to scroll down a long set of pages to know about you, you can easily do it by a single attractive video.

3. Geometric Shapes to Add Freshness and Originality to the Web Design

Trends show that web designs with geometric shapes attract user’s interest like no other. Well, thanks to this, geometric shapes are not taking a look back since the year 2016 when they appeared first. While web developers across the world are chasing newer solutions, geometric designs still happen to make their space among the cost-effective ways to enhance your brand’s digital appearance.

Courtesy: Pinterest

4. Cinemagraph Instead of GIF Animation

While many confuse cinemagraph with GIF animations, there is a thin line between the both that set them apart. While GIFs are animated images, cinemagraphs are images with a single dynamic element. You can consider it as static composition of a coffee house table with a window of which a taxi is passing by. Here, the idea is to take the user’s attention to the cab.

You can easily entertain your visitors with amazing cinemagraphs and direct their attention to the place where you need it the most.

Well, the popularity of cinemagraphs does not outshine the value of GIFs in the area of their reign. While the former seems to be an innovative option, the latter one happens to be tested and invariably effective. You can also consider applying some 3D graphics to give your web design an elegant and more noteworthy look.

5. Bright Shades are Classy

If you want to add a tinge of enduring popularity to your web design, bright colors will do so for you. Typically coupling with the well-thought-of flat design, they undoubtedly make your website richer.

You can simply make intelligent use of the gradients in web design to deliver a fresher and more unique impression to the user. However, you need to ensure to take help from professional web design company and make sure that the complex task does not take away the intent from your web design. You can also smartly combine them with options like “blinking” and “vibrations.”

6. Simple Designs with Unique Fonts

Simple designs and unique fonts have considerably gained a high place among the designs trends 2019. In combination with minimalistic design, unique fonts help you direct the user’s attention to the areas that you need. An example is how Airbnb designed its own ‘Playful’ Font to unify its look across all the platforms.

A Word of Caution

This trend is primarily a two-edged sword. If applied smartly, it can deliver unmatchable results. In the case of negligence, it can also degrade the design to be devoid of the visual accents.

Non-standard font usage in this case typically gives you an edge over the standard ones. Probably this is why design trends have seen a significant shift from simple fonts to the complex and serif ones.

You can also consider going for variable fonts here. Letters with varying sizes are very attractive to the users.

7. Minimalistic Designs and Translucent Colors

Well well well, while the design ecosystem favored bright effects, the taste has changed over the years. Translucent buttons with the minimalistic design are the new favorites of the users. They no more want to be thrown up with unnecessary and distracting maneuvers of PR experts. Preferably, the clear and structured information tends to be their favorite.

8. Images at the Center

Photography and web designs are like the yin to yang. Using high-quality pictures of the stylish models on a fashion brand’s website is nothing new. Images of someone using gadgets easily help you emphasize your product’s mainstays. Images allow you to humanize your brand’s digital appearance and paves ways for more effective advertising.

9. Streamlined Shapes

Nature is not really fond of the straight lines, and so the web design trends 2019. They highly indicate a growing inclination towards streamlined shapes that create an illusion of flexibility. Helping you win customer loyalty like no other option, the rounded corners add a fantastic flavor to the web designs. Probably this is why they have been popularly used by the giants like Google Now, Facebook, and Twitter. They appear something like our friends at Matellio have done:


You can add a tinge of various bright shades to give your design a more appealing look. The design helps you deliver a calmer and soothing pastime to the audience while they are browsing the website.


And it’s finally here- the last year of the decade in web design under your fingertips. While many of these have already achieved milestones and looking forward to more, it is no brainer that the upcoming years will unleash many surprises for us. As much we’d like to assume that we have an idea of what 2019 has in store for us, while we get excited to hear out how you contribute to the ingenuity of web design trends 2019.

Author Bio:

Apoorv Gehlot is the Founder of Matellio based in San Jose, CA and runs all client-facing functions and operations for the company. At Matellio, Apoorv is closely involved in architecting and building of the software layer for products owned by Matellio’s customers.


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