5 Ways to Measure the ROI of a Website Redesign

For startups, money and costs are going to be a significant factor to consider. Since you are operating online, you need to have a website for your business that will do marketing and sales on behalf of your brand.

With the advancement of the digital world, having a site is necessary for your business. Investment in a good website is critical to business success, however; you need to make sure you get the most bangs from your buck.

Once your business started to grow, follow the practice of re-evaluating your website periodically to ensure that it is serving your business objectives the way you have planned.  Now the questions arise how you are going to measure the ROI of a website design.

In this article, we are going to look at some strategies for how you can measure the ROI of your website.

Website Redesign

Determine How Much You Have Invested

For calculating ROI, you need to know how much your overall website cost with maintenance for a specific period. The key is to incorporate every aspect pertaining to your website’s creation and plan accordingly the expenses and the further extension that might possibly happen. To gain higher profits you need to invest money in website that is extremely functional which eventually result in higher profits.  Focus on the design and content of your website as visitors often pay attention to these elements first. Remember every branding element has its own significance so you cannot ignore its vitality in making your brand strong whether be it a logo creation or website designing. You have to create the best in order to stand out.

Prioritize Goals

When it comes to website creation, the goal is to create a website that effectively promote your brand and enhance visitor’s interaction, increasing the leads or to accomplish an increased number of subscriptions or any other KPI that you have set.  Set key performance indicators that are your prime focus so that later you can measure the success of your website based on whether you have achieved those milestones or not. Remember that ROI is not always examine through monetary aspects.

Check and Balance

Once you are done with successfully publishing the website you need to keep an eye on the activity that is going on your website from time to time. Keep proper check and balance to ensure everything is going according to the plan so that you remain competitive and on top of the trend. One way to track the website is through KPIs. In addition, use Google analytics for measuring statistical data of your website or any software that you think fits the required need. Factors including bounce rates, conversions can be measure with the help of necessary parameters.

Monitor Search Rankings

You need to ensure that your website is search engine optimized, as it will help you boost search rankings by examining frequency of the updates and persistently looking after the content you have uploaded. In digital marketing SEO serves to be a best tool for the enhancement of traffic and for getting profitable results. Therefore, if you decide to invest in it ensures that you invest in the best possible manner.

Use Website as a Resource

Use your website as a valuable resource to extract information about your potential customers, which includes their tastes and preferences along with buying behavior. This way you can better satisfy your customer needs without investing time and efforts in researching, taking surveys and spending extra funds. By capitalizing on your website, you can quickly create a database from the information you gather from your site. For instance, email subscribers enable you to deploy it for building constructive relations with your visitors and potential customers.

Wrapping Up

The quality of your website matters the most for that reason you need to put considerate efforts into making your site stand out. You need to be careful while making each element of your website so that you can measure its ROI. With the tips mentioned above planning your website to redesign will enable you to create an exceptional final product. From website strategy, design, content to tracking each step contribute to maximizing in optimizing and measuring your sites result.


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