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News Website for Diversified Cultures

Did you ever make a website that started to get overwhelming feedback and comments with in few weeks and still getting the huge traffic on daily basis? I know you didn’t : ), but...


Engaging your Audience with Video

Video has become one the major successes of the web. Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google. The statistics are staggering. Just looking at Youtube alone, more than 92 billion page views...


What NBA Taught Me About Blogging

NBA All Star week is falling on this coming weekend and I just couldn’t wait to see my favourite stars playing against each other. I have been watching it ever since I studied in...


How to Prevent your Blog from Spam Comments

Everybody loves to get comments on his/her blog posts but spam comments often spoil the fun. Thus fighting comment spams on a regular basis becomes the most tedious and annoying thing. Deleting the spams...


Top 6 Ways to Get the Best Shopping Cart Solution

An internet store, also known as online shopping cart and web store, plays crucial role in the success of your ecommerce business. An online shopping cart solution help sellers to place products in appropriate...


How Controversy Helps Raise Reader Engagement

Controversial topics differ from other topics because the readers are already passionate about the topic. The key to engaging the reader is to convert their passion for the topic into interest in your website....


Top 10 Android navigation apps

In this rapidly changing technological world everything is changing day by day from computers to mobile phones. Android based phones are the latest addition in this scenario. These types of phones are rapidly becoming...


3 Different Ways to Use a Blog for your Business

When blogging for business, unfortunately a lot of business owners start off on the wrong foot. Like with Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets, businesses often approach blogging as something they must do...


How to make your blog especially prominent?

Here are some easy tips for any WordPress beginner who wants to master the art of establishing prominent blogs. From a seasoned blogger to a professional one, these tips can benefit all!