Gorgeous Decade-by-Decade Fashion Illustrations (8 total)

Fashion illustrators have a lot of freedom with artistic style and emotion, since they are not limited to photography alone. Hand sketching is anything but dead and there are many artists who are creating street style images, runway looks, magazine editorials and imaginative drawings.

If you appreciate retro fashion sketches, you can find some beautiful illustrations below to eight different decade looks (from 1920 to 1990).

Each decade had iconic styles from the well-tailored looks of the 30s all the way to flamboyant outfits of the 70s.



The look: The 1920s was all about straight cuts and a focus on modernist, geometric prints. There was also a focus on intricate decorative bead and sequins as well as flattering silhouettes.



The look: 1930s clothing was full of glamour and style with elegant, well-tailored looks. The decade was all about femininity in women with day dresses that had modest tops and wide sleeves. Shoes had thick heels, full coverage and ample straps.



The look: 1940s clothing for women was based after utility clothes that had been produced during war rationing. Typical clothing included squared shoulders, narrow hips and skirts that ended below the knee.



The look: 1950s fashion for women was full of colourful prints, glamourous shapes, voluminous skirts and tiny wastes.



The look: 1960s fashion mirrored the social movements of the time and broke many fashion traditions. Culottes, go-go boots and box shaped PVC dresses were popular for women.



The look: 1970s fashion for women was flamboyant with bodysuits, mini dresses, hot pants and maxi and platform soled shoes.



The look: Women’s fashion in the 1980s was creative with bold styles, silhouettes and bright colours. Trends included ripped tights, fingerless gloves, leather, oversized blazers, converse shoes and big hair. ┬áStyle icons included Joan Jett and Brooke Shields.



The look: The 90s for women was all about denim everything, t-shirts, plain white Keds, flannel shirts and oversized sweaters.

This article was contributed by Vision Direct. These beautiful drawings were created by fashion illustrator Dylan Bonnet.


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