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‘The Tweets’ are taking over the world – Here a Tweet, there a Tweet, Everywhere a Tweet Tweet. If you aren’t tweeting you aren’t hip and if you aren’t a part of the Twitterrati, you aren’t one of the boys. There is no doubt that there is a bit of snobbery linked to Twitter. Expressions like, “What!!! You aren’t on Twitter” are mouthed by incredulous Twitter fans who can’t understand why a certain person is still not a part of the next big social media revolution. Now, to be fair to these people, Twitter is indeed a wonderful outlet. In just 140 characters or less, you can share your thoughts with your friends, family or connections.

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It’s also emerging as an innovative marketing tool, specifically, an online marketing tool. Marketers, who are always on the lookout for newer and more innovative ways of promoting products and services, have found a great new tool in Twitter. Like all other social media marketing platforms, Twitter allows you to take risks. As it’s extremely cost effective, marketers don’t mind thinking out-of-the-box and taking decisions that they otherwise would think twice about taking.

If you are somebody looking to use Twitter for marketing purposes, here is how you can take some bold, yet very workable marketing decisions.

Always keep it Personal

There are some people who make the mistake of approaching their Twitter marketing in an impersonal manner. But, the whole point of social media is to have a personal connect with people, so why make marketing impersonal. Make it as personal as possible.

Say you are a professional shoe maker known for only taking customized orders and your business goes by the name of ‘Singular Shoes’; you also have a website by the same name. What you need to do is open a Twitter account with your business name. Now you might say, “but this isn’t making it personal”. That’s right. Your potential and existing customers might be more aware about your business’s name rather than your own personal name. But, to make things personal, you can use a personal approach in the tone of your posts. Don’t’ use Tweets to only talk about a new shoe making technology that you are implementing, new discounts, or press releases etc. Using the tweets to initiate dialogue with your customers is a great way of marketing your business. It helps you develop an open and honest relationship with your followers, and builds trust.

A Two-Way Conversation

One of the cardinal sins of Twitter marketing is focusing on conversation that is like a one-way traffic of messages from you to your followers. But, such conversations don’t work, in the long run. If you want to run a successful Twitter marketing campaign, it’s important that you initiate a two-way conversation with your followers. So, tweet back, if you receive a tweet. You ignore a tweet at your own risk. What is also important is that you need to follow the right people. As a business, you might be tempted to add just about anybody and everybody to your Twitter list of followers. But, that’s the wrong way of going about things.

You need to exchange tweets, but you need to exchange them with the right people. It’s only if you choose the right network of contacts that you increase the chances of your tweets being retweeted.

These aren’t just tips; if you look closely they are two directions that will help you forge a better and more effective online marketing strategy that revolves around making good use of Twitter. For a successful Twitter innings from the marketing point of view, it’s important that you don’t over-think. You can think innovatively, but at the same time keep things simple. By developing complex marketing strategies all you will be doing is confusing yourself and the target audience.

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    Twitter is the modern craze in the Internets marketing industry. Also though international students have various marketing approaches that exist, doing so new marketing method is working wonders.

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