How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business

Twitter, like Facebook is not just a way to socialize with friends or share your thoughts about everything because you can take advantage of Twitter to promote your business. In fact, there are an infinite number of possibilities that you can do social media marketing using Twitter. Twitter is a fantastic place to promote a business, but there are certain things you should know first before you jump to the Twitter bandwagon.


Remember that the goal of Twitter is to let people meet and chat.

So your advertising strategies like promoting your product in your every tweet won’t be those things that people would care about in Twitter because they will think you are trying to promote a product or refer a product. Instead, go with the flow of the tweets. You can provide a guide to help people which will be extremely appealing to those that needs some guidance or promote a healthy conversation then promote the product later on.

Don’t do too much selling in Twitter, instead relate to what people wants like for example, your follower asks about tips in weight loss. Don’t expect that if you say you visit your website that you can get them to click that link. The first thing you need to do is socialize, and provide help when needed.

Don’t act like a businessman in Twitter.

Why don’t you share motivational quotes or funny and inspiring pictures that people will enjoy.

Using Twitter is like having a free conversation with anyone.

Why not send a link to your blog or website if it has relevant information to their query. A blog is a terrific place to let people know you better. If you can form a trust between you and your followers, you will more likely to get a product sold than sending unknown sites to anyone.

Hard sales tactics won’t work in Twitter because, like I said earlier Twitter is meant to be used as a social media tool. Most people don’t like being forced into buying something without gaining their trust first.

Ensure that your Tweets are particularly attractive so, people will Re-Tweet it. Re tweeting makes it possible for your post to spread all over Twitter by just placing one highly amusing and informative tweet.

Following you is not significant at this moment.

It is more crucial that you follow any people you know that needs your business or service. Take advantage of the search feature to look for people that may be interested in your business like for example, weight loss for weight loss pills.



Twitter is a shorter and faster way into Social media marketing. Ensure that you know how to post a tweet, make a statement, and add followers before you can perform a successful marketing through Tweeter. It is not a bright idea to promote your business right away because people don’t like to read sales talk. It is best if you blend in to what people wants by providing tips and guide then promote your product or service once you gained their trust.

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  1. Great guiding points about Twitter usage. one of the big fault that i often notice which you pointed out is to not show yourself as a businessman. this is the most common mistake that mostly businessman do.

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