I’ve heard you can buy Twitter followers. Is this a good idea?

With the onset of social media and its benefits when it comes to online marketing, more and more businesses are using Facebook and Twitter to promote their business and connect with their customers online. However, if your social media campaign is not garnering the number of followers you thought it would, then the idea of buying followers might cross your mind.

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With social media comes followers, and with followers comes the potential for business to ?buy? followers for their social media campaign in a bid to make them look more popular to prospective customers. This option, however, can have an adverse effect on the integrity of a business?s social media campaign, and chances are that real customers who are following you will be able to tell.

There many companies out there that will allow you to buy ?followers? for your Twitter account, but these can have a negative account on your Twitter account, as well as genuine followers. For starters, you don?t know what kind of followers you will be receiving, and the comments they may leave on your Twitter account. This can in turn lead to genuine potential customers deciding they don?t wish to be associated with your business anymore.

How should I build up followers instead?

The best way to promote your Twitter is to take the time to interact with your followers, and make them feel welcome and wanted. Buying followers for your business?s Twitter is a sure fire way to bring down the integrity of your company, as it makes potential customers question the kind of business you are running. They are not fooled, they can see that the followers are not genuine, and they will wonder if the rest of your dealings are less than genuine also.

When it comes to your business and social media, the best way to build up followers is by taking the time to build awareness for your brand, which in turn will lead to building a following for your brand. Demonstrate the fact that you care about your business and your customers, and they will naturally come to you and follow you. They will be there because they want to be, which in turn leads to a greater following from people genuinely interested in your business.

When it comes to Twitter followers, quality is worth more than quantity. You want people to be interested in what you Tweet, and a large of followers will be of no benefit if half of them don?t really pay attention to what it is you have to Tweet.

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8 Responses

  1. Buying followers is just wasting some money.. We can buy fake follower, but its not effective for businessman

  2. Wilmer says:

    It’s a good idea to buy Twitter followers, they would save much time, instead of looking for followers, but I wonder would be advantageous for a business. It would be nice to see the results apply.
    Thanks for the information is very interesting.

  3. wparena says:

    Twitter is not helping me any more :(

  4. Rocky says:

    I don’t get much traffic from twitter but it is a good platform when you want to interact with people.. It depends why you want to use twitter for branding, traffic or just showoff and also amount of time you can spend on it.

  5. Yes you can buy twitter followers and its quite safe to buy them, i have also purchased over 5k followers from one website and got all of them within 1 week. I have already seen some good results with this!

  6. Neil says:

    We’ve come very close to buying Twitter followers before and I’m glad we didn’t! We’re steadily building followers the right way now, which is by using Twitter properly!

  7. popo says:

    “They are not fooled, they can see that the followers are not genuine, and they will wonder if the rest of your dealings are less than genuine also.”

    This is just one of the meaningless, idiotic sentences in the post above.

  8. ty says:

    I needed to buy followers because I’m in the industry where i don’t work unless i have followers (DJ) .. although i had my friends following my page (250+), i decided to pay for 1000 followers .. a month later, clubs gigs were 10x easier to land..

    in all, its worth it if you need it.. but just to say “hey look i have 4000 followers” i don’t see the point

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