Webpop is the Cloud CMS for Designers and their Clients with integrated SEO and Analytics Tools that allows full control over the design and a very easy and awesome dashboard for the owner of the website to keep up to date the content.  Webpop is absolutely scalable with no creative limitations and no hosting hassles.


Currently, Webpop is the state of the art of the Content Management Systems. Webpophas resolved a very old and complex problem in the field of the Web Design and the Content Management Systems: how to offer a platform to create truly powerful dynamic websites in a very easy way for designers, not for developers, and without using templates and preserving at a very top level the “design”.

It is not a coincidence that the claim of Webpop is: don’t betray your design

Why is it necessary that you, as a designer, has to hire a programmer or to know a lot about hard programming, to build a complete CMS, wasting a lot of money and time, each time that you need a dynamic powerful Website?

Why if you don’t want to hire a hard programmer and waste a lot of Money and time, you have to use a “templates system” and you have to betray your design most of the times?

This problem has been resolved till now in a very inappropriate way because the resolution of the problem is quite complex. That’s the reason because most of the systems works with templates. Templates are a very bad way to keep the quality of your design but a very easy way to create a simple website without coding. Webpop keeps the simplicity for Designers, allows to create dynamic websites without coding and preserves a way to make the design exactly as you did in your graphic design tool (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…).


Full HTML & CSS Control

Webpop has a unique system to take full control over your design. Everybody can make a website today. There are hundreds of site builders making it a trivial job to grab a template, change a few colors, add a custom logo and have a website running. Professional web designers need to adapt to this reality and make sure they offer a value above that of a template-based website with a few custom colors. Webpop lets you make this difference.

Often a CMS will require you to build a site as if working with Lego, putting together small blocks of ready-made html. Just like a professional craftsman would hardly choose Lego as his material of choice, professional web designers prefer to hand craft their own HTML and CSS.

Unique Dashboard system for the client: On-site Content Editing

Most content management systems treat designers and their clients as the same kind of user and rely on access control to separate the roles of an admin and an end user. This often leads to a user experience that makes everything too restricted and hard to fiddle with for the professional, and still too advanced and complex to use for the end user.

We have separated the role of the end user and the web professional completely. You will get an interface optimized to never limit your flexibility and never get in your way while your client will get the simplest possible way to maintain her contents and keep her website up to date.

For your client editing the website is done by clicking directly through the website itself with simple overlays showing what can be changed and easy shortcuts to add new contents.

Check out our “On-site editing” screencast to see this in action.

Integrated SEO and Analytics Tools

A great design instills confidence in the consumer, makes more visitors buy a product or helps an organization communicate effectively; but for the design to work its magic a website needs visitors.

The most cost effective way of attracting quality traffic to a web site is a well executed SEO strategy. SEO experts can charge high rates to optimize a web site because a good SEO effort will easily pay for itself many times over.

Many content management systems claim to be “SEO optimized”. Webpop takes this a step further, integrating an active SEO system that helps you design a SEO strategy for your client and measure your success.

Find the best keywords to drive traffic to your site, monitor search engine rankings and track the progress of link building campaigns. The built-in reporting system makes it easy to share the results with your client.


Hosted in the Cloud: no hosting and security hassles and scalable at a very affordable price

Webpop is a truly fully hosted CMS with no hosting and security hassles. We are running our system on the Rackspace Cloud and every part of our infrastructure has been designed to be fast, scalable and redundant.

We take care of caching contents, monitoring system performance and adding new servers dynamically as needed and of course we handle all updates to the system transparently without you ever having to worry about a self hosted WordPress install getting virus infected.

Never worry about a client getting on the front pages of Reddit, Digg and Slashdot at the same time, our system will handle the load.

Check out Webpop and see for yourself : )

Main Dashboard

Dashboard of a specific Project

Design Part

Content Part

Seo And Analytic Part


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