Web Design field is growing very fast and as a modern web designer you should know new design techniques such as CSS3 and Web 2.0 . A visitor to your website is going to decide to stay or leave your website in just a few seconds. If the design looks out of date, there is very little chance of that visitor staying at your site, because the design has convinced them that your site is not relevant.Take a look at this tutorials & articles which speaking about Modern Web Design and tell me what do you think?

1.Trends in Modern Web Design Portfolio Websites

Trends in web design are hard to get away from, one minute we’re all web 2.0, the next we’re scrolling jQuery galleries and textured backgrounds. Lets take a look at some great trends implemented by web design agencies and freelancers on the web today.

2.30+ Outstanding Character Illustrations in Modern Web Design

Having a unique design is a must to get your visitor’s attention. Vector characters can establish a memorable image of your site in the reader’s mind. So if you are looking for inspiration for your web design, here is an amazing collection of over 30 Vector illustrated websites.

3.Data Tables In Modern Web Design

Being able to organize data and information is a skill not to be overlooked. The way you organize content and text, generally referred to as copy, has a direct effect on how that content is received by users. You must find a way to organize information so that it is scannable and can be quickly absorbed by the reader.

4.80+ Perfect Ending of Modern Website Design- Footers!

A perfect layout, A Good Design and Nice resource can produce a creative output. Layout, textures and patterns are used more often than one may think but the outcome of different combination can result verity of designs.

5.Create a Clean Modern Website Design in Photoshop

Build a complete website design mockup for a fictional design studio, starting with the creation of the initial layout then moving on to designing the individual page elements.

6.16+ Top JavaScript/Ajax Effects for Modern Web Design

Currently there are a lot of JS scripts available for web developers. But all of them are not handy in the modern web design. Nowadays, web designers use some special effects more and more in their projects because those effects give usability and practicality as well as elegance to their projects.

7.Textures In Modern Web Design

Textures in Web design can be very subtle, so that the visitor hardly notices, or they can be a focal point of the design. In some cases, textures are used to emphasize certain parts of the design. Because of the versatility of textures, they can be used in combination with many other design elements, such as typography, lighting and colors.

8.Modern Clean Style Layout

9.Design a simple, modern web template

A tutorial by Dedrick Payne on how to create a simple, but modern web site template from scratch in Photoshop.

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