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How to increase targeted website traffic

Targeted website traffic, unlike the organic traffic, comes from the targeted audience, the niche clients who already show interest in the website services or products before visiting the site. Suppose, I check my website...


The 4 daily habits of the most successful SEOs

I think that all of us want to be successful in chosen profession. Last years IT sphere develops very fast and it gave us new profession: SEO specialist. It is rather new profession and...


How to Promote your Blog in 2017

Marketing of blog builds reputation of a brand. Many people use different types of sales and marketing strategy presentations to explore something for some purpose. Choosing the right marketing and sales strategy for business...


5 POS Features to Successfully Sell Abroad

One of the biggest decisions any company will make is whether or not they want to sell abroad. Obviously there are many perks to including international customers and increased revenue, yet, many businesses shy...


How to hack proof your blog in 2016

Everyone who is anyone has a blog these days right? Companies trying to themselves sound human, celebrities trying to market products to their fans, and of course every single backpacker in the world, who...