7 Steps to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

It doesn’t matter if you’re an up-and-coming business with little revenue, an established, medium-sized corporation, or even a gazillion-dollar brand – you need to start focusing on being environmentally friendly.

The benefits that come with going green are pretty much endless. But let’s quickly go through the main ones:

  • Reduced costs
  • Better waste management
  • Improved brand image and values
  • Future-proofed operations
  • Greater appeal to a wider range of employees

Sounds pretty good, right? So, without further delay, here’s a short (and easy to follow) seven-step guide on how you can make your business more environmentally friendly.

1. Use recycling equipment

Thankfully, there’s an abundance of recycling equipment that businesses can now purchase. Of course, the equipment you purchase will be dependent on your size, budget, and waste volume. The best plan is to head over to recyclingbalers.com and look at what they have on offer. They have tons of different types of recycling balers for you – with dealers covering all major cities, from New York to Los Angeles!

2. Work with green partners and suppliers

These days, modern business is all about collaboration. Usually, no business operates without having at least a couple of relationships with other firms, from partners to suppliers. Here’s the great news: you have freedom of choice surrounding which partners and suppliers you work with, which means you can hand-select the green ones.

3. Reduce office space!

In 2020, all businesses came to a shock realization: huge, unoptimized office spaces are no longer required – at least when employees are capable of working from, instead (plus, lots of people like working from home).

So, if you have a big office that is only half-full most of the time, consider reducing your office space like many other corporations have. This will allow you to cut down on energy and rent costs.

4. Encourage your team to embrace eco-friendly travel

Rather than driving to and from everywhere, you should encourage your team to switch their cars for greener alternatives. For example, employees could get public transport to work, or even walk instead (providing they’re within walking distance).

5. Switch physical meetings for digital meetings

Let’s say you have an important meeting with a potential business partner and they’re based over 200 miles away from you. In normal circumstances, this would mean a long and tedious drive to meet them – but not anymore!

Now, digital meetings – made possible through apps like Zoom – mean work culture has embraced digital communications. So, if you suggest to a partner or client that you hold your meeting over Zoom rather than in-person, they’ll more than likely say “Sure!”. After all, it’s becoming the new norm.

6. Say goodbye to paper

No one has time for stacks and stacks of office paper anymore. Instead, you should use cloud technology to be more environmentally friendly.

7. Market your eco-friendly values

By marketing your green beliefs and values, you will encourage your consumers (and possibly your rivals) to embrace eco-friendliness, too.


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