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Why You Can’t Rank in Google Without Links

Link building is considered a dirty word by many marketers, specifically since Google has urged webmasters not to rely on it. When asked about whether or not link building is any good in a...


A Warning from Google

In the early days of SEO a marketer would need to keep a close eye on what Yahoo, Google, and MSN were doing. Now Yahoo! is a mess, MSN isBing and Google rules 90%...


The advanced Google algorithm as it is today

Google is good for many things and providing users with the most relevant and quality results quickly is one of them. But we owe it all to their complex algorithm that is being changed...


Bring on the (Google) Freshness!

With a sizable market share over some of the other search engines, the folks over at Google are still pouring it on in efforts to maintain its dominance by making yet more changes to...


Google Analytics New Version V5

Google has finally announced that it has released a new version of google analytiscs, one of the most widely used tracking systems. Google Analytics users still able to switch between the old and new...


Is Android the Future for Mobile OS?

This past decade, there’s no hotter issue in mobile technology than Android, the new mobile platform developed by Google and designed to become open source mobile OS. Those people behind Google really understand that...

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