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HTML5 Infographic : Past, Present and Future

‘HTML5-Past, Present & Future’ which sheds new light on the evolution, features and functionalists of HTML5. The infographic illustrates the evolution of HTML from its inception in 1990 to HTML5 in 2009 with the...


5 Ultimate HTML5 Video Players

HTML5 is a revolutionary web standard targeted to enhance Internet users’ experience. One of the biggest HTML5 expectations is the cross-platform video support. Today more and more website owners abandon Flash technology and migrate...


The combination of HTML5 & CSS3: Pros and Cons

It is always good to adopt the new advancements in order to remain competitive and utilize the benefits that they bring forth. Offering similar kind of beneficial relationship to designers and developers is the...


Flash vs. HTML 5 – Will The New App End It?

You must have heard about the so very igniting debate on Flash and HTML5.Obviously!!We have been hearing about it from the time when apple banned Adobe Flash from the iPad. The statement-“Flash is no...


25 Best Html5 Tutorials & Demos and Resources

HTML5 is gaining steam as the next version of the language of the Web. HTML 5 provides a more semantic markup, allowing designers to better segregate the content of their page to style elements....

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