10 Logo Design Trends for 2018

It’s true that nothing remains unchanged as things keep on changing with the passage of time. Change has become a new trend in the industry of graphic designing and all this is because of the availability of latest tools. The same philosophy goes for logo design trends, which changes every year. No matter whether you are operating a giant size company, a medium scale firm, or a small size business, there is always a need for logo. It must be kept in mind that a logo must convey the brand’s message and also leave a strong impression on the customers. Logo design trends undergo changes each year that’s why it’s important to keep in touch with the latest trends.

Every year, few logo designs get famous and businesses start using them. The same drift will also be followed in 2018, which is about to start in just few days. Here in this blog post, we will highlight 10 logo design trends for 2018. Have a look at these logo designs and choose the most suitable design for your business.

Geometry and Shapes

Both geometry and shapes are still in trending and designers are using both of them as different logo designs. Use of these shapes to make them creative design is graphic designers’ specialty. These different shapes of logos are used by entrepreneurs in their business. Even the manipulation of shapes and geometry is the latest trend in the field of logo designs, which has become much famous these days. For example, many construction companies use countless shapes that help them in providing a realistic housing look and also tell others about their business. Entrepreneurs have recently started following up-to-date logo design trends for 2018.

Rising Color

It is another logo design that will leave its mark in 2018. Rising color is basically a technical sort of logo design that separates the depth or layers within a logo. This type of business logo lacks highlight and shadow so you have to be very careful while choosing it. The main idea is to make the crossing over shape or linear more evident by means of using a shift in color intensity. Make sure to insert the color shift from the overlapping area.

Moving Parts

The popularity of animated logos has risen to a greater extent. Human eyes gravitate towards the things which move such as ocean waves, computer screens, blazing fires, etc. That same attention-grabbing magic has been recently shown in the logo designs. Moving parts has received much appreciation in 2017 and it is expected that its fame will further increase in 2018. You would be glad to know that this logo design can be implemented on both web-based animated GIFs and printed materials.

Vintage Style

Vintage logo is always in the trend and customers would love to see this type of logo designs in business. Vintage logo style could often express a sense of connectivity and credibility with the brand or user. Whether it’s a university, college or any party theme farewell; ancient ideas never flop to astonish new generation. Same is the situation with the logo design and logos like vintage style have always remained in fashion and demand. Keep this thing in mind that not all designers can create such creative vintage logo designs and it’s not suitable for each business type.


Every one of you must have observed the usage of parallel lines in different logo designs. The same trend will also be used in year 2018 but this time you will observe diverse patterns. Think about anything that radiates such as radio waves, heat, water, WiFi, etc. If this suits the goals of your customers, then MultiCentric is the best logo design for you. It’s your own choice whether you go for round-shaped, triangular, cylindrical or any other parallel lines.

Photographic Textures

In some cases, exhaustive texture logos are used in this modern era because it is the requirement of their business nature. This logo design trend for 2018 is quite fancy and only preferred by formal entrepreneurs for their business. This type of logo is made up with some extraordinary artistic touch.

Form Simplification

There are two kinds of people in this world; neat and messy people and as a whole we love both of them. But if we talk about branding and logo trends, then both are different. In past era, mostly individuals like simple designs but now the trend has changed a lot. Nowadays, customers are more lean towards creative logo designs.

Playing with Creativity and Lines

In this modern era, many logo design trends are still used by different companies. To draw lines, figures, shapes or anything else is totally done by designers because of their creative mind and skills. Line art remains in fashion because no doubt, it is really an intricate logo design and as I said before, it totally depends on the designer to create innovative design which attracts customers and they use them in their business. So, if anyone of you is thinking to make a line art logo, then always hire a creative and professional designer.

Hand-drawn Designs

This logo design is always in the trend and if we have a look on this design, then this year this logo is at its peak. These hand-drawn designs are totally incredible and charismatic, which gives your business logo a totally creative appearance. No doubt, for designers it is very difficult to draw this design as it requires a lot of skills, experience and efforts and in return provides attractive and unique designs. One thing more, not all graphic designers are fully skilled and creative so before choosing any designer you should know their skills and experience as well.

Yin Yang

Last but not the least Yin Yang logo design will also steal the party in 2018. This design comprises of 2 opposite features or qualities such as sour and sweet, aggressive and thoughtful, cheap and costly, etc. Pick any of the 2 opposing features as per your clients’ demand and then implement them in your logo design.

Author name: Simon Boyt

Author bio: Freelancer, graphic designer, owner of webdesignblog.info


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