5 Sources Of Inspiration For Highly Successful People

Are you a Highly Successful Person? What does it mean?

Stephen Covey books provide important ideas on the habits of highly successful people. The author emphasizes that, despite widely spread opinion, it is essential not only to get the results you want but to be a really strong character, to respect others, to grow.

So, if you try to be effective like that, you need inspiration and motivation.

One of the 7 habits of highly effective people is to Sharpen the Saw. It means you develop an effective lifestyle and constantly develop yourself. You can not be really successful if you just bury yourself in work. You have to balance mind, spirit, heart, and body. And the ways of self-improvement can be at the same time best sources of inspiration.


Hobbies and Art

When you take your mind off your job or study and allow yourself to create something beautiful or enjoy it, you gain mental powers. After listening to classical music or paper flowers making workshop you can suddenly find a new decision, another, helpful, viewpoint. Also, it helps to relieve stress.


Surely, you can get knowledge and ideas out of non-fiction books. Business, psychology,  inspirational leadership stories help you to change the way you think. You can get inspired by the people who lead a perfect life from the young age or those who overcame some obstacles on their way, understand fundamental principles of human behavior or laws of society and economics.

At the same time, classical and new literature can help you widen your worldview, find new approaches and gain experience. Sometimes, it is even great to re-read your favorite children books and fairy-tales: to remember what was important for you as a child, your dreams, and hopes. It can be very helpful to remember that clear, simple, and yet magical picture of the world and try to see your situation with the eyes of the child.

Other people

Your family and friends, your deep warm relationship are a great source of inspiration. It is important to remember not only to take, but to give, and support and inspire other people.

Try to volunteer for the social organizations. Seeing the changes for better, especially when we helped them happen, is a great source of inspiration.


Some successful people don’t travel much in a rush to get back to work. There are ways to work during the travel, and the change of activity can be inspiring as well as seeing new places. New cities and different culture give you a better understanding of the world. Nature itself is a source of new ideas and of a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere that helps to focus and be creative.

Taking care of your body

Physical activity increases brain productivity – the blood flow increases, as well as lipid and glucose metabolism. Yoga other techniques help integrate the body and mind, which is essential for real success and being creative.

When you don’t have time for improving yourself or feel the lack of inspiration, you can get cheap essay writing service help and pay attention to really important things.


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