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Designing Tips with Photoshop

Clean, smart and effective web design is what everyone wants. Many websites do meet your expectations of a good website while some of them disappoint you. Designers do make use of Photoshop to give...


50 Character and Emotion Designs using Photoshop

Most of the character design tutorials are using illustrations software, like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. However I can’t use Illustrator, so I tried browsing and searching for character design tutorials using photoshop. And apparently...


Create a Cool Penguin Character in Photoshop

Hello everybody, in this tutorial, we will create a little penguin character with simple technique. Mostly, we will using the Ellipse Tool, the Direct Selection Tool, the Path Selection Tool and effect on the...


Create Stylish Clipboard Icon

This step-by-step Photoshop graphic design tutorial involves designing  stylish clipboard icon. Preview: Stylish Clipboard Icon Design.