How To Grab Attention With Your Commercial Banner

Gaining customers is an important goal of every business. Finding new customers and retaining old customers is what helps a business to thrive. Obviously, a big part of gaining and retaining customers is providing a quality service that keeps your clientele happy. Advertising is also a vital part of building your customer base. It’s true that you can rely on word of mouth to help get your business’ name out, but this can take a long time and only reach a limited number of people. Commercial banners can be a great way to grab your customers’ attention. You can effectively make a sign by paying attention to the colors you use, your sign’s phrasing, using symbol association, and hanging it with care.


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The colors that you choose to use on your banner are very important. If you choose colors that blend in to the background too well, your sign might not get any notice. If your sign is too busy, it might be distracting or difficult to look at and obtain vital information. Consider where your sign will be featured, and try to use colors that are eye-catching. Think about coordinating your background colors with the color of your wording. Choose colors that complement each other, yet draw attention.



What you say on your banner is also important. You have a limited amount of space, and you do not necessarily want to fill the whole space up with written information. Instead, you should try to be effectively concise. Convey the company name, a website, and a phone number, if necessary. You should also decide if you want to be clear about what your company does, or go about that in a roundabout way. You’ll need to decide what approach will best suit your sign.

Symbol Association

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Another thing that you need to think about is your logo. The more customers see your logo and business name, the more likely they are to associate your name with your logo or symbol. Think about the most prominent businesses that stand out in your mind. How many of them are recognizable just by their logos? You will likely want to put your logo and business name clearly on your banner.

Hang with Care

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When it comes time to actually hang your sign, you will want to do so with care and attention. You will want to put it where as many people can see it as possible. If you have made a banner, you also might consider carefully how tight you actually hang it. Letting your banner have a little give, for instance, could create some movement that more easily catches the eyes of passersby. Thus, having a perfectly taut banner might not be so beneficial. At the same time, be sure not to give it so much slack that it becomes unreadable with just a little bit of breeze.

Grabbing attention effectively with banners takes a bit of thought and design. However with so many services online nowadays, you can design a commercial banner online and find a vendor near you to create the professional banner with ease. When you go to make a sign, remember to consider carefully the colors that you use, the phrasing on the sign, using symbol or logo association, and to hang it with care. With careful creation, you could make just the right banner to draw in even more customers to your business.


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