Responsive Web Design Latest Infographic

Dot Com Infoway is proud to announce the release of its latest infographic which presents Internet usage trends and key findings that propel the need for flexible web design. Expert analysts at DCI share insights on the concept of responsive web design, its versatility, key features and advantages, through stunning visual representations in this information graphic.

responsive web design infographic

Clearly, mobile devices are beginning to rule the roost and responsive web design is the ideal way to tap the complete potential of the online marketplace. Responsive web design is indeed a breakthrough in the industry that has essentially redefined trends throughout the global business landscape.

Infographic created by Dot Com Infoway.


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  1. Sevenworks says:

    Responsive web design usage would still depend on how Client’s would like their sites to be viewed. As of the moment, not all online goals is susceptible for responsive web. For voucher sites like Groupon, their aim it to show tons of deals at one go (or at a page). For mobile screens, viewing all deals may bring slow loading on mobile, which we all know is a big no no in mobile net viewing. I bet there are tricks that can be done to counter this issue, although best course of action for such predicament would be a separate mobile site.

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