22 Conceptual Logos that Convey the Right Message

The principal cause of a logo design is to convey the brand message to its customers. But without a solid concept, the logo will be fruitless for any corporate identity. This is because a logo without concept gives a vague and faceless representation for any business. Major brand identities like FedEx, Nike and Apple all possess logos that are not only conceptual, but also meaningful.

The most crucial process for a designer is to incorporate a meaningful concept in the logo. The idea is to create an allusion of the company’s purpose using creative symbols and techniques. A perfect example of this is FedEx logo that ingeniously incorporates an ‘arrow’ between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’. Even though the design of this famous logo is simple, the conceptual framework is highly intricate.

In order to give you a better idea of how to create conceptual logos, here are 22 creative ideas of how to convey the company message in the right way in a logo design.

Musical Store


Guitar Shop


Cool touch

Unique Idea


Electric smiling

Shirt pepper





I Hate YOU

White Crimson




Handmade productions

Design Basket







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