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Evaluating Your Website’s Usability

When designing your business website, it’s important to pay attention to the way the interface affects users. Have you ever walked into a store, taken one look around and decided it wasn’t for you?...

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Inside Amazon’s Fake Book Problem

An Amazon Kindle Unlimited author recently brought to light a hack scammer have been using to collect many thousands of dollars in dishonest royalty payouts. According to this writer, books that are little more...


Simplify Email Marketing with Automation 360

How to maximize ROI? How to build long standing relations with the clients? How to automate my business workflow? These are the questions of interest to any business. Regardless of marketing type you’re doing,...


5 Tips to Buying an E-commerce Business

Making the decision to purchase an e-commerce business can be daunting, especially to traditional entrepreneurs. Most start from scratch and build their own businesses by themselves. However, buying an already established e-commerce business is...