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5 Symbol Fonts for Graphic & Print Designers

When creating a document or working on a print design there is a often a need to utilize symbol fonts (or benefit to be had in doing so). These are useful for such things...


The importance of a quality portfolio

Even if a freelancer is required to be communicative and open, he doesn’t necessarily need to bring more negotiating techniques to the table. His strongest selling point is, without any doubt, his portfolio. A...


Design Cocktail 5 – The Coolest Bundle For Creative Minds

The guys from outcome themselves this time! They just launched another mind blowing design bundle – Design Cocktail 5 includes an awesome collection of high-quality resources for creative professionals at an unbeatable price!...


The combination of HTML5 & CSS3: Pros and Cons

It is always good to adopt the new advancements in order to remain competitive and utilize the benefits that they bring forth. Offering similar kind of beneficial relationship to designers and developers is the...


About whatfontis

Are you a graphic designer, photographer, blogger, advertiser, font freak, curious by nature or just dying to find out what’s the name of that awesome font that you saw on a website? Then search...


12 Tips For Hiring And Working With Your Web Design Company

Many entrepreneurs that like to take their business online dread the process of hiring and working with their web design company as they hear several frightful stories and unpleasant experience of web design customers....


Current web design trends – an overview

Web design trends keep on changing with every passing year or within a period of few months. There had been significant changes last year whose impact can be seen more clearly in this year....


21 Brand-New Web & Mobile UI Wireframe Kits

Rapid prototyping is essential for mobile designers. Having the ability to manipulate a simple stencil kit at will to create a masterpiece of design work is nothing short of incredible. Below are just a...


19 best tutorials for web layouts

Designing websites in Photoshop is becoming a necessity for every designer. For this reason i want to present some great photoshop layouts tutorials. This roundup includes 19 of the best tutorials for web layouts....


5 Web Design Basics You Should Know

Here are some of the basics of web design that you should know on your own without your web design company having to teach you: Web Design Graphics


18 Top Web Design News Sites

Web site designing needs some extra effort, like creativity, knowledge and good sense of humor. In Web design the designer gets extra standing. Looking for free web design news resources are not that difficult...


What is the utility of HTML5 and CSS3 in web designing?

HTML5 and CSS3 are important for web designing as it provides broader range of options and increases the creative opportunities of designing a webpage. Web designing plays an important role in marketing your products....