Website Redesign: Essential Points Of Website Improvement

Each website is created for a specific purpose, be it attracting new customers, selling services and goods, strengthening customer loyalty, increasing profits, and more. It is necessary to understand that trends change every year, and sometimes more often. There are so many events happening in the world that they all also have an impact on the state of the population, their needs and wants. In this regard, companies need to understand that business ideas will not stand still, and websites are a reflection of the company, so they need to be given attention first. To get the most out of your site, you need to realize that it is, in the first place, an important marketing tool. It must help the company to solve those tasks that are most relevant to it at the moment.

Naturally, the marketing objectives of the company, its approaches to their solution can change. The website must adapt to new business needs. For this, changes can be made to its appearance and code.

Redesign launch

Website redesign is not related to fundamentally redesigning the website. When redesigning, the following measures can be taken:

  • Audit (assessment of download speed, convenience, operation in different browsers, etc.)

Website loading speed is a critical parameter in website promotion. Make sure that after updating the design the loading of the first screen of the page is no more than 3 seconds.

  • Installing a new control system or updating an old

Website modernization is an integral part of the company’s work. Often, existing functionality is simply inconvenient or does not respond to user requests. The changes may be minor each time. However, in the end, a business card site turns into a full-fledged corporate portal or online store.

  • Design change

When the finalization of the site affects only its external presentation, the solution of this task will require the participation of two specialists: a designer and a web developer, who will convert your designs into a website. When it comes to web development, will help speed up and facilitate the development process.

  • Creation of new pages and sections, filling them with content
  • Removal of irrelevant information
  • Change of hosting

In order to always be relevant, it is worthwhile to periodically carry out a similar “level up”. The emergence of new technologies, trends, relevance – these parameters explain why it is impossible to create one website once and for all. Without such preventive measures, your site will lose its uniqueness and its promotion will not make any sense.

No room for mistakes

  • Moving a site to a new CMS entails a complete change of the code, which in turn will entail a complete re-indexing of the site.
  • Improvement of site’s ranking requires fast loading and clean code. It is important to remember that any change requires attention from all sides. Content managers must ensure that all tags, meta tags, and titles are written correctly. If this is not followed, it will certainly lead to a change in indexing.
  • Broken links or anchors to blank pages. Error 404 not only annoys users, lowering the image of the resource in their eyes, but also negatively affects the promotion.

  • Any company would like to describe its company, goals and the list of their services, but in the modern world a large amount of information can lead to the fact that the user closes the website of your company and finds the one where the information will be presented correctly and concisely. Therefore, it is worth thinking about reducing the information component.
  • Based on the conversion index, it is worth drawing conclusions about the content update. If the information is out of date and your content is no longer relevant, then users will run over to competitors, so you should also pay attention to studying competing sites.
  • Use of uncompressed images. Everyone understands that the visual aspect is important enough for the variety of content. But an incorrectly selected image format or compression level can lead to the fact that the user will simply lose his temper, rather than wait for the image to eventually load.
  • When changing the design of your site, do not forget about such an important aspect as optimization for mobile devices.

Website redesign is beneficial only when there is an understanding: for what purpose it is being done, what exactly they want to change, what results are expected in the end. Therefore, before starting work, think about why you need a website redesign, whether it really will solve the problems that have accumulated.


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