Backlinks That Can Hurt Your SERP Placement

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Building backlinks is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website, but not all links will help your SERP placement. Many factors are used to determine whether a link will pass authority on to your site, including total number of outbound links on the site, how reputable the site is, whether the link is follow or no-follow, and how relevant the site’s content is compared to the link back to your site. Effective backlinking isn’t simply a matter of building as many links back to your site as possible. While it’s important to spread backlinks across a wide range of sites, some links will actually hurt your rankings.

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SEO Guide to Choosing a Good Website Host

SEO has undergone a sea change. It is no more governed by links or on keyword stuffing and all that. Rather new concepts have come to the form. Now it is time to make your website load in seconds, adding micorformat site wide, adding great content in website and above everything else, you need to make sure that your website is good enough to curve a niche for itself without being pushed by external support in the form of links, adding keyword rich content etc. But all boil down to one thing – you need to make sure that your website is opening without a glitch. If the website is not facing frequent outraged and if this happens, it will run the risk of being outranked and outsmart by other websites of similar niche. So, time has come to be serious about your web hosting service.

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Unsecure Dedicated Hosting Can Impact SERP Ranking

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One of the common reasons why website owners buy a dedicated IP address is to encrypt a page or two using an SSL certificate ( this is needed to access a page via https instead of http ). But for those who are new to this type of hosting environment,  beware that the security risk could be greater when using a dedicated IP address instead of a shared IP address. Third-party registrants can easily get their domain names to point to a dedicated IP address of someone else. This is hard to do on shared IP address, but for a dedicated IP address, it is a matter of updating the DNS record of empty websites.

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4 Quick Ways to Find the Keywords You’ve Been Missing

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In addition to keyword research tools like the GoogleAdWords tool, looking at Analytics data from actual visits to your website can be an effective way to uncover potentially valuable keywords. While, of course, it’s important to look at which keywords lead to conversions, here are four other metrics that can help to gauge the value of a keyword when conversion data either isn’t available, or you’d like to supplement those figures.
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Healthy content is crucial for SEO

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Content is not a rubber stamp, but the active agent of the SEO process. It has the power to lead and tendency to dive the attention of a reader or any information seeker. Content can be of any type, as it can be some useful article, some image or some video. You can observe it more clearly on different sites, which are exclusively running on unique content.

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22 Internet Marketing Tools for every Serious Webmaster

If you have been online for a while you should know about some popular web tools. This goes double for experienced webmasters who have been running websites on a few years. But professional and novice alike can come to agree that Internet tools are by far the best way to support a marketing plan. Below are 22 amazing Internet Marketing tools all built in-browser to support the growth of your website(s). Let us know your thoughts in the comments area bellow.

Digital Point Forums

Internet Marketing


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Best Monitoring Tools for Website Performance

Have you been looking to track your website’s performance? How about your server uptime, or maybe check your physical server location? There are so many tools for tracking different stats about your website and server. Webmasters and skilled developers will most likely be all over these kinds of resources. Which is exactly why I’ve crafted a small gallery of my favorites! This is by no means a complete set, but let us know your thoughts and share any of your favorites in the discussions below.

Uptrends Website Monitoring


Uptrends is a complete Website Performance Monitoring provider. They provide external Website, Transaction and Server monitoring solutions for more than 1500 customers in 23 countries. They offer their services from the Cloud, so no software needs to be installed. Recently, they also launched their brand new Network Monitoring platform Uptrends Infra

Monitoring Tool


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Why You Should Hire SEO for Your E-commerce Website?

Your online store needs to SEO friendly like any other website. An SEO friendly website will lead to a successful business. The below article suggests tips on having an SEO friendly ecommerce website.

Everything today is bought and sold on the internet and due the demand for products over the internet more and more ecommerce websites have taken birth. As there are many online stores offering the same products you need to stay on top of your business. To stay on top your business you need to have the help of SEO. Making a plan for SEO readiness is as important as developing the ecommerce site functions.


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Why does Seo Service cost so much?

One of the first things that people balk at in regards to SEO is the cost of a campaign for their business. The industry your business is in and the number of products or services you wish to target will play an important part in determining the initial cost of your SEO campaign. Another factor that is generally considered when quoting for SEO is the popularity or difficulty of the keywords the client would like to target. This can all contribute to a campaign being more expensive then a client thought it would be.
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3 Vital Kinds of Off-Site SEO

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The process of trying to get a website ranked in Search Engines begins at home. Like literally, with the home page.  But when all of the keyword placement is done and the tools are run, what happens next? Do you sit and wait and hope that adding internal links to your content is enough to push you up? Not exactly. Once the on-site optimization is done that’s when the real work begins. Off-site SEO is one of the most challenging aspects of internet marketing, even for the experts. But without it, there’s a kind of plateau a site will reach.  And it tends to hover somewhere around the second and third page for most important keywords. But if you do some work outside your domain, you may just find you can crash through the glass ceiling.

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7 Excellent Modern SEO Techniques

To any online business, SEO, or search engine optimisation, is essential. Using SEO techniques can make the difference between a few visits to your website per week, or hundreds.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are methods that aid in the improvement of a website’s ranking in the listings of search engines. There are different kinds of listings that are displayed in the results pages of search engines, such as paid inclusion, pay-per-click advertisements, and organic search results. Utilizing SEO can increase the quantity of site visitors that acts on the activity that the site intends.



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33 SEO and SEM Blogs Every Webmaster Should Read

Blogging has become the newest tool of the 21st century Internet. It’s easier than ever before to communicate with friends and share vital information. As blogs have advanced we can now see powerful digital magazines which offer articles at the rate of any great new source.

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful process to help webmasters get their blogs ranking for search terms. Search Engine Marketing provides a similar method of link building by creating tons of backlinks onto your site. This can be accomplished through social media outlets such as Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and Pligg websites.

If you’re new to SEO or just looking to pick up some great tricks I recommend checking out some of the blogs listed below. Many are running off WordPress and hold interactive comments sections, as well as top rated articles and RSS feeds. Similarly feel free to share any related SEO resources in the comments below.


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