SEO Guide to Choosing a Good Website Host

SEO has undergone a sea change. It is no more governed by links or on keyword stuffing and all that. Rather new concepts have come to the form. Now it is time to make your website load in seconds, adding micorformat site wide, adding great content in website and above everything else, you need to make sure that your website is good enough to curve a niche for itself without being pushed by external support in the form of links, adding keyword rich content etc. But all boil down to one thing – you need to make sure that your website is opening without a glitch. If the website is not facing frequent outraged and if this happens, it will run the risk of being outranked and outsmart by other websites of similar niche. So, time has come to be serious about your web hosting service.


Here we are going to present a short checklist that you need to go through carefully before you come to a conclusion:

Hosting Location: Think this way, you are targeting visitors of United States and your website is hosted in Iran ( far fetched though it may sound). It does not sound a great idea. It makes sense to host your website in United States when you are targeting visitors of the United States as it will ensure better performance of your website for United States’ visitors compared to visitors accessing your website from other parts of the world. It is pure mathematic and so when you are choosing a web hosting plan, you need to make sure that your website is going to get hosted in the targeted country. Though this is not major SEO factor, you never know , it might play a leading role in some cases. So give it a go.

IP Address: Most of the new comers in the blogosphere cannot simply afford to have dedicated hosting, as it will cost them an arm and a leg for sure. So, when opting for shared hosting, you have to be very particular that websites hosted in the same service i.e. IP address are not doing some sneaking things. Like mass spamming or are all adult websites in nature. This looks sneaky and you are not going to be appreciated for getting your website hosted in such a filthy place. So, do a little bit of market research like checking existing websites in a given IP address and see whether they are having fun at SERP or think otherwise.

Bandwidth: This is another vital aspect that very few of us would dare to ignore. If you website is a consistent underperformer, I mean, always showing bandwidth limit exceeded sign to visitors, none would care to revisit your website and your online reputation will be at stake. So, if you feel that your website has the “in” thing to drive a crazy volume of traffic, you should be better off with a trusted web hosting company like Godaddy, Netfirms or UK2. However, no need to put extra pressure on your pocket, there zillions of discount coupons available and all you need to do is to find them out.

Last but not the least – make sure the technical support team is knowledgeable otherwise, you are sure to face barrage of problems.

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