Creating grunge paper-textured top for your website

Nowadays, it’s common to have slider with latest or featured entries on our blog. It’s really nice and good-looking solution, but with passing time became dull. Some innovations are essential in order to gain our visitors attention. There is no better solution than adding some attractive elements to our top. Let’s create a wonderful top with old paper textures! (more…)

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Create an Awesome 3D Text Effect

Hi everyone, today we’ll create an amazing 3D text effect, for this we will need a little bit of help from our illustrator and Photoshop. We’ll give our text effect a very unique out of this world look; seriously we’ll make it look kind of like falling meteorite. So before we start, let’s see what ingredients we need; Photoshop, illustrator, star brush set and a few fractals. You can create your own fractals using Apophysis. I’ve use these 1 and 2.

Now let’s have a look at our final result:-


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10 interesting CSS3 buttons tutorials

Using CSS3 buttons makes your website more professional and attractive. Taking the benefits of CSS3 features will make your websites load faster and easy to maintain, you save a lot of time and effort. These CSS3 buttons tutorials are useful and unique, so you will learn some new techniques that you can use in your next projects. Enjoy!

Creating the Perfect CSS3 Buttons

css3 buttons (more…)

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12 Must See Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorials

Photoshop 3D Text Effect can be extremely useful for quickly creating Logos for your work.
There are some fantastic text effects in websites that offer Photoshop tutorials, really inspiring stuff. Some truly amazing and inspiring examples of great typography and effects. Here You will find some. Enjoy!

Create a Cool 3D Graffiti Text Effect using Line Art in Photoshop

photoshop-3d (more…)

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creating watercolor illustration effect in Photoshop

Book cover design can be a lot of fun for a graphic designer. Book covers might use photographs, typogrpaphy, original illustration or a combination of these effects. In this tutorial, we’ll look at a neat watercolor effect in photoshop you can use on book covers (or in other types of graphic design). This example book cover was for a real world client – a PHD student who wanted an illustrated cover for his thesis. His paper was discussing strategic solutions for airports and how agents can be communicated with. To graphically show the agents acting I used ribbons flowing around the tarmac.

Seeing it was to do with technology, the clean hard lines seemed appropriate. I created the design below first as a vector. The result was a nice illustration, but flat and unfinished. I took this into Photoshop, downloaded water colour brushes, paper and finished it off.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do a water colour treatment on an illustration in Photoshop. We’ll just look at the back cover of the example below:

ribbons and airplanes (more…)

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19 Amazing Social Jquery Plugins and Tutorials

Nowadays, Social networking is one of the best and free ways for increase traffic on our blog. Social media optimization doesn’t only allow discovering and reading the content and information but also encourages you to share the knowledge what you have. This post includes some of social jquery plugins and tutorials. Enjoy!

Create a jQuery Plugin For Social Networking

social plugin (more…)

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50 CSS3 Tutorials Every Designer Should See

While making a New Website Design, designers have to take a look at new CSS3 features. In this post we will show you some easy and useful CSS3 Tips that you can use in your next project. You will be able to explore different tutorials and features of CSS3 through following tutorials. Enjoy!

How to Create CSS3 Christmas Tree Ornaments

CSS3 Christmas Tree Ornaments (more…)

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50 Excellent PSD to HTML/CSS Tutorials

If you’re looking to learn more about turning your PSD designs into HTML/CSS, there are plenty of good tutorials available online. In this post, we present  50 excellent tutorials that will hopefully help you improve your design skills.

Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps


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Excellent Toolbar Like Facebook Tutorials

If you want to create toolbar like facebook you can use services like Wibiya or Meebo, but if you want to create interactive and user-friendly toolbar by yourself and integrate social media applications such as twitter and facebook widgets you can see those tutorials.

Facebook Style Footer Admin Panel

facebook toolbar

Demo (more…)

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