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Show me your office and I will tell you who you are. Office décor is a reflection of your personality and character. Office space can be organized in many ways; it can be conservative and massive or it can be friendly and modern. If you work closely with your clients you want them to feel relaxed and welcome at your office. There are many ways how you can combine the classic office look with a modern twist so that your customers will appreciate it.

Conservative or Modern Style for Lawyer’s Office?

If you’re a lawyer your office should look respectable and client-friendly. You don’t want it to look pretentious and you don’t want to scare off your customers. Yet you want your office to appearwelcoming and comfortable. You just need to add some elegant touches to the décor of your office.

Simple things can make your clients feel welcome. You can put some flowers at the reception area and on your desk, offer snacks, cookies and fresh coffee. You can also combine conservative and modern furniture and accessories in your office. For example, you can create a great style by putting an antique armchair together with a modern table. You can also add some flowers, sunlight, moderate colors and paintings on the walls. This design will look official, yet friendly.


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The lawyer’s office is impossible to imagine without the scales of justice. Here is a great Lady Justice statue that you can use in your office. You can also add some flowers to make the décor look fresh, elegant and classic.

lawyer office

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Devil is in the Details

If you have an old-fashioned office with heavy wooden furniture, you can add some accessories to make it look modern, fresh and trendy. This office was decorated with pieces of artworktaken from different countries – African masks, wooden sculptures and vases create a very special atmosphere in this office. This office is arranged in such a manner that it looks highly professional. Dark colors of the furniture blend in with unusual patterns of the décor.

wooden office

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Elegant office for a creative person

If a regular lawyer’s office is too conservative for you, you can go for the following alternative. It can be a perfect office for a creative person,including PR and media professionals. Golden accents and a lot of light in the décor create a unique atmosphere in the room. This office space gives off a positive vibe; it has a warm and welcoming dash of color – your partners will absolutely love this!

elegant office

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Finishing touches

Bear in mind that a tidy, organized and clean office is half the battle. If you want to appear professional and create a positive image for your clients then you should not forget about the details. Stationery equipment can create a mess on your desk. In this case consider using a great office equipment stack like this one. This set has everything you might possibly need: stapler, lens, calendar, etc. A handy addition to a perfectly designed office!

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