The Growth Of Medical Technology Infographic

There are numerous industries that take advantage of technological progression – IT, education, travel, etc – but one of the most dramatic impacts of an evolution in technology appears in the medical industry; saving thousands of lives a year and making dealing with serious injury far more manageable.

It’s not just serious or life-threatening medical situations that benefit from technology however, with the industry taking advantage of ¬†everything from dentist drills to X-ray machines. The following infographic from Briggs & Butler looks at the growth, application and driving force behind medical technology, as well examining recent technological breakthroughs in the industry.


Not only is the infographic extremely interesting, but it’s an excellent example of how presenting information in a visual and engaging way – through an infographic – can ensure that the message is understood and far more likely to be shared.

This information could have easily been placed in a blog post or article, but it wouldn’t have quite the same impact. Research has shown that our brains learn in a visual way and react far better to visual stimuli, improving engagement, understanding and retention. The infographic above takes full advantage of this, delivering already interesting information in a far more digestible way, encouraging people to engage with and interact with the content (through things like reposting and social media sharing).

So next time you’re thinking of writing an interesting post for your blog, why not try visualising the same information and take advantage of this popular and effective method of data visualisation.

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