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Clean, smart and effective web design is what everyone wants. Many websites do meet your expectations of a good website while some of them disappoint you. Designers do make use of Photoshop to give the much needed finishing to the websites that they built. Photoshop is indeed a great tool and is used for good as well as bad reasons. It has a significant role when it comes to a website. Let us have a look at how to give the clean, neat and attractive look to your website.


  • Depth is feature that brings originality and crispness to a website. Depth created with light and shadow makes the elements look better on your website. With Photoshop you will be able to add the much needed crispness and originality to the elements on your website.
  • In Photoshop the gradient tools and the gradient layer effects also play a huge role to deliver a clean and modern design. Gradients are present in every aspect of modern styling in your website, from shadows and highlights to backgrounds and buttons. So all the detailing on your website is thus taken care of.
  • Space is another important factor on a website. Proper spacing gives a very neat and professional look to your website. It provides separation between elements and the text on your website. This helps your customer to read between lines and know more about you. Tools such as Guides and Grids are available in Photoshop to help you position the elements precisely. Space will thus add neatness and clarity to your website.
  • Contrast is much needed on any dynamic website. With the help of edges and borders you define you get proper contrast on your website. Stroke layer effect in Photoshop will outline the elements such as text and buttons where you need an equally weighted outline on all sides of the web page. This will give more definition to the webpages.
  • There is one such factor which is not used at all times. This is perspective, which is a technique which in not properly or widely used in website design. By adding perspective to images and other elements in your design, you will be able to add more depth, dimension and interest to your design in quick succession.
  • Everyone who comes to your website seeks information. So you need readability in your website. In Photoshop when you add text convert your text layer to Smart Object first by right clicking the layer and choosing Convert to Smart Object. This will allow you to add filters to the text you want to put on your website helping now to be more readable to your users.

These small steps can give you a smarter and better website where more users will be interested in spending time on your website and will have only good things to say about your website. A cleaner, crispier and attractive website will be what you will have after putting these steps in practice.

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