E-Commerce web designs to rule this year

E Commerce, though a relatively new way of undertaking business, has witnessed an amazing increase in the area of sales and are growing at a much rapid rate. The main purpose of an eCommerce website is to generate business for a product online and eventually promoting its services. ECommerce websites are always build, keeping in mind the convenience of the users and the customers, so that they can browse through and purchase the products as per their will in a hassle free way. Owing to the fact that how fast paced our lives are in this modern era, eCommerce is the most approached way of purchasing goods now.

Every business has now realized the urgency to stay competitive in the market and make one’s presence felt on the internet. There are certain factors, which may be fruitful for your online business. They are as follows:

Browser compatibility

browser compatibility

Browser compatibility is an important part of a website, as not every individual use the same operating system. Thus, one must be certain of the fact that the website design is compatible with varied surfing browsers or else it should mean lost sales. Suppose, websites that have flash designs incorporated in them cannot be opened in search engines that does not access the information in Flash. It is best to develop both Flash and a Non- Flash version of your website, making it compatible for all search engines.

Easy navigation

Even if your website is attractive enough, it won’t matter if it is not easily navigable. The site must be smooth and function properly for a customer to stay long enough in order to make a purchase. Visitors are sure to leave your website if anything goes wrong. There are too many competitor e commerce sites available these days where they can easily undergo a purchase without facing any mishap. Thus, proper functionality, user- friendliness, and easy navigation are foremost among all for holding on to the customer’s interest and increase the engagement value of the site. Favoring ‘Breadcrumb Navigation’ could help the visitors in being able to locate themselves in the site with much ease and smooth navigation, as a result making the site trouble-free and extremely satisfying for the customers.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Keeping in mind, the growth of smart phones and tablets, the most prominent website design trend of 2014 is going to be Responsive web design. This style will allow the websites to be viewed in both small and large screens in the similar way.

Infinite scrolling

This feature helps generate curiosity and encourages scrolling until a page ends and per page contains around thousand products. The basic intention is to omit the total idea of continuous clicking and bothering the customers unnecessarily.

Zero distraction rule


Make sure to grasp the visitor’s attention to the product of your sites. Boost the engagement quotient by withdrawing the unnecessary usage of the pop-ups and the banner ads that are irrelevant to the products or services you are selling.

High-resolution product images

Gone are the days when customers will approve any kind of images of the products they are viewing online. Nowadays, the quality of the image matters the most, as the customers will wish to see the detailed view of the product of their choice, before making the purchase. Zoom in and zoom out options are enabled for this reason.

Content relevancy

Content relevancy is also a crucial part of the success of an website. Keeping it simple yet appealing will absorb more visitors, resulting in an increased sale. If they fail to find relevant items of their choice, they are sure to leave the site in no time. The customers usually prefer product related high- quality images and engrossing videos.
Benchmarking against the existing competitors is much needed for an overall continuous improvement in any organization. For any eCommerce website, designing it properly can attract the customer’s attention. Thus, make the site as engaging as possible, keeping in mind the above-discussed points for increased revenue and better profits.

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