How to Choose a Graphic Designer

Images are a constant in our lives. In places like Hollywood and New York, various types of signage and billboards attempt to out due each other for attention. In this type of atmosphere, it’s really important to have graphic design work that is unique, eye-catching and effective. Finding the right designer for your business or organization can be easy by following a few simple guidelines.

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Consider Your Needs

It’s vital to know exactly what you need and what your goals are. Come up with a list of projects that you would like to start on immediately like redesigning your website or creating specific marketing materials. The plan may eventually include designing things like ad placements and logos. When you know what your goals are, it simplifies the process of interviewing potential candidates, and you’ll know what you’re looking for. Also, consider if you want someone full time or on a freelance basis. How quickly do initial projects need to be completed? Does the designer have a turn-around rate? Some designers may include a “rush fee” for things that need to be produced at the last moment or in 24 hours. Inquiries such as these may affect your hiring decision.

Ask to See Their Portfolio

While inspecting their design projects, consider if the imagery seemed appropriate for each subject? Is it memorable? Anyone can make pretty pictures. However, it takes real talent and creativity to design content that is emotionally moving and initiates a call to action. A graphic designer should be able to demonstrate how their work invoked positive responses to a specific event or increased the sales of a product. Look for someone who can bring elements together in a way that supports your mission and is visually stimulating.

Are they knowledgeable?

While graphic design is an art, it also involves being able to formally craft and deliver messaging that is effective and eye-catching. A formal education in graphic design media will teach the fundamentals of marketing as well as design. It’s a plus when a designer has professional affiliations with organizations like The International Council of Graphic Design Association (Icograda) or American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) because it demonstrates their willingness to adhere to ethical standards and guidelines.

Do they have a contract?

Some graphic designers will retain the rights to artwork they’ve created and offer clients limited use to their reproduction. If the designer doesn’t have a contract, it is important to create one. Designs which are vital to the brand’s identity need to be archived and saved for future use. Lay out a clear understanding of who owns what in order to prevent future complications

Keep an Open Mind

Designers who know and understand their craft are on top of the latest design techniques and applications. They have the ability to present innovative an avant-garde ideas, which deliver a fresh and unique look. A little risk taking is good. It be seen in brands like Starbucks, Pepsi and UPS who have undergone makeovers to update their logos and their brand’s image

Do they have a website?

A top-notch designer should be able to use the latest web-coding tools and have the ability to test webpages. Their own website should be a demonstration of their skills and techniques. Every graphic designer should have a website. This makes their portfolio solid and shows that they can deliver concepts across a broad range of media.

Personal and Professional

Choose someone that you’ll enjoy working with. You’ve made sure the prospect has all of the skills and know how, but how does this person resonate with you? If they rush through their responses in the interview, that’s probably what they’ll do on the job. A graphic designer who makes sure they’ve answered all of your questions and understands your expectations is a person you want to do business with.A true professional can work across most media, and a good and honest designer will say if they can’t. It’s vital to pick someone who is both personable and professional. See what others have said about them. When you find a good graphic designer, keep them.

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