Gain Success in Selling Products with Twitter

Nowadays, people are more aware with the technology usage. They use technology to make their life easier. Social network is one of the technology parts that used by most people all over the world. With the social network, they can connect themselves with others around the world without having time and distance limitation anymore. They cannot only reconnect with their family, friends and relatives, but also with people that they don’t know before. At this point, social network can be used as an effective and efficient way of business marketing. Business owners must be smart on using every opportunity that they have in order to develop and enhance their business.

There are several social networks that people can choose and used. One of them is Twitter. In Twitter, you have the right to follow or unfollow anyone. It depends on your preference. In the beginning, people only use Twitter for following their family, friends or even celebrities. But now, they use Twitter for further purpose, which is selling their products. If you have a business and you want to promote your product, you should consider about using Twitter.

Why Twitter ?

The number of Twitter users is increasing every day. There are some great facts that need to know about Twitter. First, the number of Twitter users has reached 200 million users. Second, there are approximately 460000 new account have been added every day. Third, averagely there are 140 million tweets that send every day. Those are big numbers for a social network. That is the reason why Twitter can be utilized as business marketing.

Some Tips to Start Selling

There are several factors that can affect the success in selling products with Twitter. The main factor is the followers. You should make sure that you have many followers, so more people can find out about the product that you are selling. You can do several ways in order to get more followers. One of them is by asking people to follow you and saying that you will follow them back. This kind of way is proven to be very effective.

The other way that you can do is to follow famous people that might mention you on Twitter. In this way, it is possible for their followers to follow you. In Twitter, you can only type 140 characters, so you must know how to market your product in short line. The solution is you can include the link to your business website. You can type short promotion line and followed by the link. As a result, when your followers read your tweet, they can directly open the link that you already give and visit your business website. The more you have follower is the better, because it means more people will find out about your business product and become your customers.

Do Some Researches is a Must

If you don’t have an existing business and you are planning to start a new one, then you should do some researches before starting your business. The first thing that you should determine is the kind of product that you want to sell. You must make sure that many people will love your product. It will be so much better if your product has cheap price. With good quality and cheap products, there will be more people who get interested and want to buy your product.

Maintaining Good Relationship with Followers

Maintaining a relationship in Twitter is very important. You need to assure that your customers will keep buying your product. You must be a good, nice and trustable seller, so your followers and customers can really put their trust in you. It is a good thing for your business. With all of those facts, no one can underestimate the role of social networks as business marketing. Business owners can really gain big success in selling their products through social networks, include Twitter.


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