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The best set of resources needed to become a logo designer

Nowadays the internet is changing from a unilateral platform that fed the consumer information without the benefit of live interaction, into more of a meeting place that allows instant contact (for example thanks to social networks any novice can exchange ideas with a fields’ aces).  Another increasingly important aspect is online branding. No company or important firm can afford to not exist in the www environment; one cannot pretend to be a real brand without having an important presence in v-world and without customer feedback and communication.

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A vital element for branding is visual marking, specifically the logo. Furthermore the logo is at the confluence of the real and virtual worlds which makes it very important. Those that build the logos, the logo designers are the ones that define the material existence of these graphic elements, starting from the profile of the company that requested their services, but allowing for the employers preferences and to some extent keeping in mind the current trends.

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This article is not meant to stress the key importance of the logo but just to raise awareness that despite its small size and its mostly virtual existence the logo cannot be neglected. The logo designer has a very interesting job but also a very challenging one, as he is both an artist, because he uses his imagination, talent and creativity to create his work, and a software specialist as logo making requires specialized software. This set of resources is required of a logo designer from the moment he decides to join the business to the time he retires as the greatest in the field. The soundest advice comes from professionals, so before setting out to become a logo designer it would be useful to know what this job actually entails.  I’ve compiled fragments of interviews with some of the best designers and logo designers:

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  3. Iconshock Interview: Web Designer Sneh Roy
  4. Interview With Logo Designer Luka Pensa
  5. Logo Design Tips & Interview with Leighton Hubbell

Same as for any profession, a logo designer should have some moral qualities which are required for success:
-Passion for design, without this quality success is almost impossible so think again if you really want to became a logo designer;
-Patience, the way to perfection or at least to professionalism requires many sacrifices (for example, I am a very modest logo designer, but to reach even this level I have sacrificed a lot of fun and I’ve lost many hours in front of the computer)
-Research, each area of activity has its particularities, and each logo has its particularities, so to successfully complete a project a lot of study and research is very much needed. It is imperative for the success of a specific logo that it’s suited to the needs of the future beneficiaries, I usually study both the companies’ activity but also the logos of its main competitors. This way, the final product meets the standards, but it can also come up with a bit of originality.
Here you can find more information about how to build a logo, principles involved in its creation, trends, etc.:

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Most logo designers probably know the theoretical principles of logo design, the difference is the way these principles are used. Here you can find a series of very interesting and useful tutorials:

  1. How to Design the Firefox Logo in Photoshop
  2. EURO 2008 Logo design
  3. Step-by-step logo
  4. Windows Vista Logo Photoshop Tutorial
  5. Sony Ericsson Logo
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A logo’s worth is measured by three judges:

2010_1310 - Coins_3

1. The most important is the client as he may like a logo which a specialist will consider bad to say the least, but he has the last word as he is the one paying for the product.

2. The opinion of the friends and collaborators of the client; most times the client will base his opinion on the attitudes of his peers, so they can be very influential but definitely won’t constitute the decisive argument.

3. Specialists or other logo designers. Their judgment can sometimes be ignored if the client is satisfied with the project but on the long run it can have negative consequences. Also feedback from real professionals can be very useful.

It all comes down to ones focus and aspiration, giving up in not an option, so keep at it and results will come. Good luck!

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