15 Free Best Logo Maker Tools for Small Startups

Logos were said to be an element that added some funky style to branding and marketing. This was concept or understanding that was attached to the logos in the past but then logos proved everyone thinking like this wrong. Well, then logos were proven out to be the most impactful element in the branding and marketing purposes and probably they turned out to become more important than they were ever thought to be. People realized that for the growth of business the logos could be stated as one of the elements that could be used and thus they became important however the logos were becoming expensive and hard to get as only professional designers were able to create some amazing logos in order to make the contemplations on the purposes that were attached with the logos. But then free logo makers were introduced in the market which made this to become easier. If you are a small startup you could be able to get free logo through these tools to make the considerations on having a logo that could make your business growth to be boosted. Here in this blog, we have listed some amazing free logo creator tool online that can make you able to get some amazing logos for free and that too with ease.

  1. Tailor brands

The first website that you can access to for getting the best logos in the small startup is tailor brands. They would make you able to get the logo in no price and on your own. This makes the budget issues to be solved as well as makes you able to get it easily.

  1. Design Iconic

Design Iconic are premiers in the industry of logo making. Amazing designs and templates to be offered, themes related to multiple industries and easy to handle logo maker tool is what they offer their customers with. This has made them become a choice of people from all around the world.

  1. freelogoservices.com

As named their main focus is to provide free logos to their customers. Here you can create a unique and amazing logos with your details to be incorporated into it. And to your surprise, this amazingness could be brought at no cost and is absolutely free.

  1. onlinelogomaker.com

The online logo maker is also named after the services they offer. They make the businesses and individuals to get to them through online means and make the logos exactly as they want. You can design a logo through their tool and it will incorporate all the necessary elements that are required.

  1. Logo joy

Logo joy is the synonym of amazing logos for most of the people that have used it and people state that logo joy is one of the finest online free logo makers that they have ever used. They can provide astonishing logos to you for absolutely free.

  1. Placeit.net

Designing a logo for a brand or a business has been made easy with the tool that is offered by Placeit.net. The logo maker lets you pick out from templates they have and lets you design a logo according to the requirements that you have. This is one of the best logo makers that you can find online.

  1. Hatchful Shopify

Alike their unique name their motto is to provide unique logos to the customers and that too in a few minutes. It lets you choose the fonts, vectors, and icons to make an amazing logo for yourself.  Easy to use logo maker is what they have offered to their customers.

  1. Logaster

If you require a professional logo which is often required by the businesses and if you want it for free this is another amazing online logo maker site that you can access to. They are there to make the different types of logos to be created for their customers through their amazing logo maker tool.

  1. Wix

Well, we all have heard about wix for sure and it is one of the websites that offer many things. One of its offerings is free online logo maker tool. They will ask you a few questions and will generate the logo according to the responses that you gave.

  1. Designhill

This logo maker is especially for the brands and thus is highly recommended if you are making contemplations on designing a logo for your business. They offer amazing ideas and designs to give you the amazing logos generated by their easy to use the tool.

  1. freelogodesign.org

Freelogodesign.org is one of the best online logo maker tool that you can get to. The three qualities that it has got is easy to handle, free and has amazing templates. Your logo could be made with the best templates.

  1. Design Mantic

Design mantic are the online logo makers that have got the best tool with amazing designs and the ability to make the customized logos according to the requirements that you have got. This is thus suitable for business and brand logos.

  1. Logo genie

This is another amazing platform to get the best business and company logos for your business. They have the tools that have got the designs and templates to be differentiated according to the industry that you have or the themes that you are working on and thus it makes the perfect fit logo with the requirements that you have mentioned.

  1. Canva


Canva is a well-renowned logo maker tool that offers you the ability to make the amazing logo in just a few minutes. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free and can make it very easy for you to design a logo on your own.

  1. Brand crowd

Brand crowd logo maker tool is specially designed for making the business and brand logos where you can find everything that a business logo requires and amazingly that too for free.

  1. GS Logo Maker

The GS logo maker tool is very easy to use when combining logo design templates with AI. The system allows you to create beautiful designs for all branding such as business cards, facebook, twitter and more. This tool is also free to use.

Each of these logo makers has got the ability to make you able to design the logos easily and for free and amazing logos for your business.


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    You share great knowledge about the logo, it is very important for your business because if you have a catchy logo so there is a chance that your business grows successfully. That’s an amazing list of tools that you provide but here I use canva and illustrator tool for logo designing and I get a good result.

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