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In today’s fast paced world where everyone seems to be buzzing from here to there in search of the next source of nectar, custom logo design companies such as LogoBee are essential. There are so many companies offering so many services it is hard to know which to choose, and like a bee making judgements based on the prettiness of a flower, most people make an initial judgement of a company based on the appearance of its logo. That is why successful businesses hire companies such as LogoBee: to use their expertise to create an effective logo.

Creating a logo is a complicated, highly creative and difficult process. Although the software is nowadays quite readily available, the creative and technical skills to produce an effective, professional looking logo, are still rare. This is where LogoBee’s professional in-house designers are invaluable.  Although specializing in corporate logos, they provide all the technical and creative ability to produce the best logos for diverse organisations, from art and entertainment companies, to web based companies and even churches.
As a customer, the process begins by checking out the available packages, the four main packages being Silver, Golden, Express and BundleBee, prices starting at just under $400 (or just under $300 during a sale). Special packages, however, can go as low as under $200.  Whichever package the client chooses, a team of designers will work on creating a logo for their organisation based on what the company is about and what they want the logo to convey.  Depending on which package the customer chooses, this will be done in 2-5 days, at which time they can either accept one of the designs or request changes; straightforward alterations usually being done within one business day, and free of charge until the clients are happy.
Once the customers are satisfied with the design, the logo will be sent to them in a variety of formats. Depending on which package they have chosen, they may also get stationeries, business cards, a Word template and even a website. However, as cheap as this service is for what is being provided, LogoBee recognises that not all companies can afford even that much. For this reason, their website also provides tips and tutorials on how to produce your own logo, and now have a Logo Design Template System which provides readymade logos which can be modified by the customer, free of charge.
With so much choice out there, it is hard to know even which logo company to choose, but with a track record of having produced logos for over ten thousand businesses, a team of experienced designers and an information-rich website, choosing LogoBee should not be a difficult decision for businesses big or small.


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    Some nice logo desins in their portfolio. Thanks for sharing :)

    80+ Fresh Logo designs – get Inspired! – http://www.cruzine.com/2010/06/16/fresh-logo-designs-inspiration/

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