Need Beautiful Fonts? Go For Font Town

Beauty is superior to genius; it needs no explanations. So said Oscar Wilde.

Who doesn’t want to create a beautiful website, a beautiful book, or simply a beautiful document? Many things go in creation of good quality professional material and one of the most important of them is font.

Don’t think of the font as some trivial, unimportant thing. Your selection of font can make or break the overall visual appeal of your material. It will affect the overall theme of the design.

Many websites are available on the Internet from where you can get your fonts. Out of them we recommend you try Font Town.

Font Town is basically a community of font designers and enthusiasts. They currently host more than 30,000 free desktop and web font products which can be previewed and downloaded from the website.

Any font can be found easily using their advanced search options. You can save your favorite fonts or simply browse the fonts as you like to.

The company started as a side project which has now grown into a tiny, bootstrapped and profitable company which is helping the world’s font design talent share their creations. Font Town today is the go-to resource for discovering fonts and connecting with designers throughout the world.

There are several ways you can browse for fonts on Font Town.

One of them is searching through their “Tags” tab.

If you click on the Tags option you will be taken to a page as shown below.


As you can see this page contains a lot of tags. The size of these tags depends upon the number of fonts contained on the website with that tag.

So this means if you will click on the “Various” tag (see the last line in the image) you will be displayed a large number of fonts because that word is written in a large size. But if you will click on “children” (see the second line in the image) you will be displayed a fewer number of fonts because this word is written in a smaller size.

So these tags will give you a good idea of the type of fonts, Font Town has in store for you.

The other type of search facility is clicking on the “Search” option.

You will be taken to the search page. Here in the search bar you can enter the name of the font you would like to search and then hit enter.

The page will then display several fonts related to your search query.

Then there are options which you can use to enter your own text and see how it looks in the different fonts. You can also adjust the color schemes.

There are two colors to choose. The first color is for selecting the color of the text. Then the second color allows you to select the background of the font.


The site is worth checking out. Go and take a look and then let me know what you think in the comments below.


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